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Italeri 1/48 AD-4 Skyraider

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And 2nd onto the bench is Italeri's 1/48 AD-4 Skyraider. What we actually have here is a rebox of the ancient Esci kit. Which means it'll be an interesting experience to say the least! It'll get a full rescribe to bring it a little more 'up to date'. And I can't resist that Gabonese air force option (y)


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Early days on the Italeri Skyraider. Fuselage is together, and the side inserts are setting overnight. Didn't bother with taking pics of the pit. It's so basic, it wasn't worth taking up space on the hard drive!. Next job will be to tidy things up, then break out the scriber.


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After nearly a week without any bench time, I finally managed to get some today. So 1st update this evening is the Italeri Skyraider. The rescribing of the fuselage is done. Took a good couple of hours. Now, at the moment it looks a wee bit messy, but thats mainly due the Tamiya extra thin I run into the new lines after all the scribing and sanding down. It cleans the line up nicely at gets rid of any last dust lurking in the grooves. It'll look fine under a coat of primer, trust me (y)


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Main construction is now completed, and everything filled and cleaned up where needed. She's been primed up ready for her paint job, and it gives me my 1st real idea of how well the rescribing has gone. Have to say, I'm pretty damn chuffed with the result. Time to get her paint job underway (y)


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Main paint job is done. I used Humbrol Polished Aluminium for this one, hence looking very shiny at the moment. Eventually, everything will get dulled down with matt varnish for a more realistic finish for a well used old bird. But that's a way ahead yet. Next job is gloss coat then decals.


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19 hours ago, David Hansen said:

Looks very nice so far; nice job with the re-scribing. Also, nice to see a Skyraider that does NOT have a bumblebee on the side.



David I totally agree with you on this !!!

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