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Sikorsky S-61N G-BEWL

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I'm not sure I'm any good at painting plywood :unsure:


My father sent me this today - the company he works for now has bought a new (to them) Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin which is being fitted out with plywood floor boards at the moment:



I don't know if the S-61Ns had gaffer tape over the joins yet or not :rolleyes:

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I've made no progress today or yesterday, but instead have been using the time off the day job to catch up with restocking our paints. I feel very lucky to have met a particular individual through forums and the little business because he has very generously been tirelessly helping me by filling 14ml tins for the past 2 days letting me concentrate on painting lids. It would have taken me about 6 days to get through what's been achieved in 2 by having someone else helping. I did leave Stew in the paint shed alone for a bit when my dad made a quick visit with Christmas presents for our daughters. He brought me this though:




A branded ring binder. Wonderful? Aha but what's inside?

A complete set of course notes for the aircraft is what this is ...

It contains many notes on how the aircraft's systems work, where to fill it up with lubricants and so on, but it also contains many technical drawings

So all in all, whilst I may not be detailing the cyclic stick grips in 1/72, I don't think I can use the excuse of lack of reference material any more. All deficiencies are the direct result of a lack of ability in translating this information into model form.

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Really nice build of a S61, great machine. Having spent 18 months on the Sumbrugh SAR machines it touches a few strings. 

Realy nice place to live, Shetland. I lived in the Bristow accom just by the Mainland shop, Heartbreaks. Knew a few guys who work on the S92 from the old BA days, when Sumburgh was very busy with Chinooks, S61's and Pumas.

keep up the great build.

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I haven't given up! I have been rather busy though, but to be honest just couldn't face painting all those seats. It's behind me now though, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it was very boring and that whilst spray painting is one of my favourite modelling activities, brush painting is one of my least favourite.



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As with the Hellcat, I've been avoiding PE, and trying to similarly put off resolving this whole seats-to-wide-for-the-cabin thing.


I did shave down the arm rests a bit, breaking off many of the seats in the process. That's now fixed, but it wasn't enough, so I have done the obvious thing I should have done first and attacked the fuselage sides.



I also made a token effort at some cockpit PE, and built up the overhead panel and throttles.


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