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Mad Steve

Tamiya 1/48th JGSDF Type 16 MCV

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees its me AGAAAAIN :) (Well what else am I supposed to do, not like we can go anywhere :)

My favourite subject Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) :) There aren't many subjects available in 48th scale at the mo, but this one really is very cool...


For your entertainment, may I present the 'what's in the box' shots :) 





Japan does not have an Army, rather they have a Self Defense Force with a Ground, Air and Marine arm. The Type 16 has been designed to get some heavy firepower anywhere it needs to be on the Japanese Home Islands. Completely home designed and built, it carries an L52 105mm gun and is encased in spaced armour. 

Enough of the bumpf...

If you are going to build JGSDF stuff, you need these three paints...


Its just easier using these instead of trying to get the mixes right... especially the Olive Drab colour.

I have already made a start on this, and have been busy with it for the past two days...

First up, the lower hull needs painting XF 74 Olive Drab, so I attached the two suspension units and painted. Unfortunately, unlike the 1/35th scale version, the steering does not work.


The first stage in the instructions you basically have to build the entire hull, and you can't do this unless its all painted. It a move that would make Blue Peter proud, I put the whole hull together using only masking tape and BluTac... :) 


And wallah... a painted hull.


I also painted the wheels as well, 4 Brown and 4 Green (Yaaaaaaay no tracks and separate wheels and tires :)

Later this evening I'm going to give this a coat of matt varnish and then build up the rest of the hull details. 

Laaaaaaatuuuuuuuuuuur :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Bit more done on this...

After doing the Blue Peter bit of building the hull with masking tape and painting it up, we have a nearly complete hull.

Once the hull was together and painted, I gave it a coat of flat clear and then a black panel wash. 



The fit is magic on this kit :) 

Rest of the suspension was finished off as well. Not half as complicated as the 35th version, but then you cant really see most of it anyway. The biggest complaint with this kit was that the rubber like tires aren't weighted... I don't think it really detracts from the kit, I suppose people will always moan. Give them the best kit ever, they'll still find something to moan about :) 

more later... :) 



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Morning Everyone :) 

Little bit of an update..

Hull is finished.

Its been sealed in Matt Clear, and there will only be a final drybrush once the turret is finished. JGSDF vehicles are always kept in immaculate condition, which I believe has something to do with their honour code, but they are rarely seen covered in mud and gunk, unless they ae on exercise. Mine will not be on exercise :) 


I've also built the turret :) 


Right then, I'm off, more painting to do... :) 

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Nice work matie.

Does it know if it's an armoured car or a tank? Or does it idetify as bitankual?

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Well.... Nearly done 

Wheels and tires next. Tires were dusted with a heap of weathering powder and then rubbed off with my thumb, and then the wheels were glued on...

A very light dusting of powder was added around the edges of the wheel arches etc.


Turret also finally finished and a very light drybrushing all over...


And there she was.... Finished :) 


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On 10/18/2020 at 4:32 PM, Gorby said:

The dust in the wheels looks very effective. What sort of powder is it?

Gorbs its just normal MiG Weathering powder. Lather it on with a big brush, tap the tire on the table to get rid of the excess then use your thumb to wipe the powder off the top on the treads :) 

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2 minutes ago, Mad Steve said:

MiG Weathering powder

Thanks matie - I may have to look into getting myself some of those weathering powders. :thumbup:

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