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Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

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You know the drill folks!

This must be one of the most popular topics on various sites, so we can have our own. What have you just bought, been gifted etc? Books, kits, aftermarket etc. 

For me, it's this little beauty. I always wanted a large scale, early Stuka variant. This fits the remit perfectly ;) 


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Ok I'll join in 1/48th ju88 a4 ICM paid for by the wife for my birthday.... 

Then Sunday I spent the rest of the money I got for my birthday along with money I got for selling stuff at a show and bought 

1/32 Airacobra special hobby

1/48 Revell tornado gr4 

1/48 Revell bf110 g2 

Revell/möbius battlestar Galactica 


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As I was leaving the house this morning, I was presented with a parcel by the postie:


Opening it...ooh the excitement...can hardly contain myself...


Mmmm... 14 shades of AK Interactive Extreme Metal. And a bottle of cleaner...


I feel a few experiments coming on.




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In the last month -

Sold a kidney to purchase a Amodel 1/72nd Antonov An-22

Tamiya 1/12th Mini Cooper

HobbyBoss 1/48th J-11B

AMK 1/48th MiG-31B/BS


Fairly recently but not the last month.

Modelsvit 1/72nd IL-86 

Modelsvit 1/72nd Tu-91

Modelsvit 1/72nd Yak-140

Modelsvit 1/72nd Yak-1000





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Got a load of stonking turned fasteners from RBM in the US:



And all the Top Studio super detail sets (Sidepods, Engine, cockpit, Front Suspension), for the Tamiya 1:12 MP4/6. I believe they're what todays youth would term "sick":




McLaren MP4-6 Cockpit Detailing Set  by Top Studio

...to go with the rest of the detail stuff from Thunder Valley and Scale Motorsport I've collected over the years:


There's a WIP on this model in the Cars section in case anyone is interested. Cheers!

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My wife bought me this for my birthday earlier this month.

She knew I wanted one and its the same scale as the other trucks/trailers but its so different too. All I need to do now is make a transport trailer for it so it can be towed by the other truck. (I suppose I need to get on with building it first)


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I saw Roy's post the other day and I haven't checked it out, but to be honest unless it's something really awful that needs fixing, I'll ignore it. Or try and fix it, whatever the case may be. Roy made the point that there was an error, but most people are likely to ignore it, I'm probably one of those. I've got a copy of the Bentley drawings somewhere(!), if I can find them I'll check it out.


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I made the mistake of having the kit in hand while the person who originally spotted the mistake went through it millimetre by millimetre with me! If you have nobody doing that, ignore it and go ahead! Sadly that model is, currently, ruined for me! It's one of those sad cases where something I would have potentially never really noticed to any huge degree now screams at me at top volume. 


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Just scored Mike Jerram's "Super Profile" of the Tiger Moth on eBay - can you believe I was the only bidder?  Must dig that Matchbox one out of the loft ...

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You'll get used to this - hitting the "post" button always seems to insert at least one typo, which I'd swear was not there before posting, in my text!
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Not as awesome as the many 'aboves' but at the Midland Expo a glance inside the box alongside our club table rewarded me with the 54mm Airfix Connoisseurs Bengal Lancer for a fiver


Them as knows me know I have been in need of a supply of hardy ponies and horses that are not galloping across the polo field  ;)

(Building carts in 54mm needs a steady supply of equines that are happily stood standing still, it's much easier getting a decent stance if the kit posture starts off stood still)


For a fiver that's me easily pleased

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On ‎27‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 22:23, Norman said:

Radleigh....you have impeccable taste !


Thanks Norman! I have bought a whole load more Russian stuff, I just didn't list it. All 1/72nd, Tu-134, IL-20RT plus many more. Just need to build the damn things...

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15 minutes ago, Norman said:

Opinions are like anuses......everyone has one !!!!


Both opinions and anuses are perfectly fine.
It is when the opinion comes out of an anus that the trouble starts. 

Back on topic, A couple of weeks ago I ordered a pair of Master Box 1/72 Austin Armoured Cars.
My LHS instead got the Roden 1/72 Rolls Royce armoured car.  
Which of course I still picked up and then reordered the 2 I wanted 9_9

I swear the crafty monkey ordered the wrong kit on purpose so I would end up buying more kits! xD

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Oh cool ... you have one of these here! ... So ...

Well ... It's THAT time of the the year again ... Happy Birthday to me!!


Looking at my short term budget ... and my "To Get" list, I hit a few snags ...

A lot of what I want isn't yet out on the market ... (HK Models B-17 and Lancaster etc)

Of those that are and where I'm going to purchase them from, I have to wait for a couple of newer releases before ordering (Fly's Mk.I Hurricanes) to save on shipping charges.


So ... Fetching items from the USA is quite expensive (sarcastic understatement intentional), given the exchange rate and shipping charges. Even so, I've built up quite a few bonus dollars with Sprue Bothers on earlier purchases.


Not many of these around in decent locations (price-wise) ... I've wanted one for ages (being a night fighter and all) so I snapped up this one:




I had to get this one - I'd heard about it while Masters were still being designed (Thanks to some inside intel) ... super excited ... I was going to wait for the A-20 Havoc and get them at the same time to save on shipping ... but ... stuff that!




High-Tech or no-tech! ... I almost passed this one by, mainly thanks to the hype that just dragged on ... and on ... and on ... for years ... but the mouldings looked so nice ... so, yep, this one too:




Looking down the barrel at the last $50 (AUD) ... I grabbed this one - Straight Outta Hong Kong. At a smidge over $41 (including shipping) these Trumpeter kits go together very nicely, are reasonably well detailed and offer excellent bang-for-buck.

As usual, there's nothing out of sorts that some minor surgery and a weeny bit of AM won't fix:




More in the coming months.


Rog :)



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