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Ww1 dio help

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Hi all as it was my birthday today my son bought me these.


He's head of history and casually dropped into the conversation that he was hoping they would be used in a commissioned dio for his school. The dimensions would be 4'×3' approx so will need more models, thing is he knows as much about modelling as I do about armour so I need a lot of help I have a 1/72 tiger moth could I use that in the same period, I'm pretty sure (without checking the stash not sure I have a glouster gladiator biplane in the stash also) not been an armour man the only tanks I have are a cheifton that's 1/35 and I'm pretty sure ww2 although I could use my forced perspective I used in the warspite gets a few scars dio) what other tanks and assorted vehicles would be used in a dio of this size, I have no idea at all, I will need to research the trenches and stuff, also can you tell from the markings on the tank where it was used, I think my son is thinking German trenches is the tank the tight markings for that and is the plane right also (blimey I can see this getting complicated)

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The old airfix kit - sold in a gift set that had the wwi trenches in and a tank or two would fit in here - it contained the WWI Brit, German figure sets and a tank and two pieces of vac form base, plus paint.  What else exactly was in there - you might need to refer to Airfix forum for;  but you have most of the component parts ... so I would research what you are missing and see if you can find it as separate components, and  now think about an EMHAR tank or two to boost it up on the ground;   and if you want the vac base  for the trenches etc go to Jane at Amera directly as they do something suitable and some other stuff that you could use.  There are plenty of cheap ww1 kits of figures and wagons and chariots with horses you can get too.  the firm whose boxes are half-yellow-half-white have a good range


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