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Update on the Range of Masks

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All masks are available in 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 and 1/24 

I have been quite as we have been pushing to get the Insignia done.


We have now got the following in bulk ready for shipping:


US Star 1919-Jul 1943 With and without the red dot

US Star with Red Bar Jul-Sep 43

US star and Bar (Blue) Sep 43-Jan 1947

Sizes are 20", 24", 30", 35", 40" 45", 50", 55" and 60"



Bakkenkruz - 100mm, 950,, 900mm 800mm, 660mm, 630mm

HakenKruz (swastika) Black with white boarder - 315mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 630mm, 800mm


RAf Early 1939-1942

RAF Late 1942-1945

Just a reminder - the camo patterns we have are:

Spitfire I-V Pattern A and B

Hurricane Pattern A and B

Mosquito IV and VI (1/24 POR as this is a special order)

Spitfire IXc

IR Gleed Desert Camo Soitfire

P40C - AVG or Desert RAF



Specific Markings

ZP-A - Sailor Malan

GN-F - Tom Neil

P-40 - Peal Harbour 160 or 155 or 300



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It is on the design production board together with the Typhoon and the Tempest. That means the research is done.  The problem is how many are likely to buy a mask set? We did the FW190 and 109E and they have moved really slowly. As you know, scaling up or down once the master is done is easy.


If I get 20 or more pre-orders, I can then move the mustang masks for the Mk III  into production.


I am getting really good feedback on those who use the mask and I have gad 2 people who have just sent in 1/24 Spit pictures. It seems people are reluctant to use the masks but once they do they re-order for other models and are converted.


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