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1/24 london bus diorama

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Hi all more done on the theatre I'm contemplating adding lights above the STALLS and upper CIRCLE doors, unsure yet soon have to actually start the base as nearly all the car models done, still a long way to go though all the street furniture, which reminds me of another problem, I was going to have all the buildings and fountain removable to make for easier storage as this thing will be huge but what to do about the traffic lights and whatnot. 
That is going to be one very big problem.

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Hi all I need some help here I bought some printer transfer paper to make my own decals I've printed off some police decals for the range rover. The ink seems to not soak into the paper (almost like rain on gloss paintwork) the first pic is the best of 6
Also the decals when applying them are very stretchy
I think the decals won't notice when the car is applied to the dio but I would like to know where I'm going wrong.
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Hi all nearly finished the range rover next up will be the transit van, I've still to make the police sign for the roof and assorted sundries like the wing mirrors and wipers got loads more work to do on the buildings not even started any street furniture I'm hoping the finished dio will be an impressive site. I've realised I've got to make loads of figures for the street as well (not something I'm looking forward to. I reckon I must have been on this one for a yr by now and I can easily see it taking that long again.
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Hi all well I've nearly finished the cops car so I thought it was time to start the robbers van, it's going to be my favourite style old and beat up.
I wanted to show the scrapes and scratches on the bed of the van so I thought I would use the same method I used for the dent on the Honda tank and the dent in the fender of the traction avant.
I covered the floor pan with foil.
Sprayed it with the body colour then stained and scratched through to the foil.
I've started scruffying up the body.
Tried the floor pan in the body to see the effect 
I may go further with the wear and tear on the transit, a few dents or maybe more rust but I'm happy with where it's going at the moment.

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Hi all well I've dirtied up the bottom and started ageing the interior of the transit I think it's a great little kit although I would have liked a full engine more.

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