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FROG 1:72 Macchi MC.202 Folgore (Junior Modeller)

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Son's FROG version completed this morning. We overcoated it with Humbrol #49 Acrylic Matt spray, and it was a disaster - turned to white powder, meaning that the black bits & exhausts needed repainting (even Klear didn't work). This is the first time this has happened in about 10 models using this stuff. Even stranger that it was a partially used can, and the previous model (a very dark FW190) turned out perfectly. Luckily it's not a disaster on this model. Anyway, in his own words:

I think that it was the best aeroplane model I have done so far! My favrouite part was the camo. I also think that the pilot was the most carefully painted. The decals were very old but we put them on very carefully , unfortenatlly the top of the 2 came off. At first we thought of puting peva glue onto the base, but then my dad found some sand paper and some tufts of grass so we chose those. I am going to enter it in Hudders field model show.I have all ready ented 1 or 2 models in Huddes field model show. I hope that I will win a prize.






BTW camo was done with a re-fillable felt tip pen:



Ta for looking.



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1 hour ago, Lostoutthere said:

The chip off the old block did it again doc, fine work young Master N


I have had many terrible moments with those Humbrol acrylic varnishes, remember a greyed out Wessex HC2 for example?


I will only ever use Tamiya's aerosol varnishes in future

Thanks B.

Thing is, every Matt varnish I've used has now done this at some point. Humbrol has been by far the most reliable up to now. Others have been Xtracolour enamel and Vallejo acrylic Matt. As I mentioned, the previous model sprayed using this same can (about a month ago) was perfect.

I will continue to use Humbrol, but will spray a test piece first in future.

Its annoying because it's pretty much the last thing I do on a model and it can easily wipe out weeks of hard work in seconds.

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