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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Yeeeees.... Its me AGAIN! :) 

Really loving these 48th scale AFV's and seem to be buying quite a few now.

In my late teens (88, 89)- I really loved Russian stuff, I collected a whole load of Migs and never built any of them, but AFV's were a different story. I had a couple of Tamiya T62's, but for quite a while, that really was it for Russian vehicles until they started to arrive from Esci and Dragon etc. Nowadays you are spoiled for choice :) 

This T55 is the newest 48th scale AFV from Tamiya, and its an absolute Peach! (The Figure and DshK Machine gun are excellent)


A quick peek at the runners





And I've even made a start on it...

All of the suspension is moulded on, but that does not compromise on any detail and the sides of the hull literally just clicked into place.


Being an early modern Russian tank, its Green!, EVERYTHING is green :) 

More later :) 



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Have you done the 1/48 T-34 Steve? That's the tank that interests me the most (after Matilda that is).

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Hello Mad Steve & Gorby,

Don't know how obsessional you are about maintaining a constant 48th scale for your new found interest in these smaller veehikles but if you are fairly loose can I suggest you check out Rubicon models. They produce a range of 28mm scale vehicles  (I've seen them refered to as 1/50th or 1/56th but as I don't care what scale they are I've never checked) & figures which were originally aimed at wargamers (still are) but they are now producing kits with a lot more detail and aimed squarely at both gamers & modellers. They have quite a large range and have recently revamped a lot of their earlier stuff to be more acceptable to modellers. They also produce subjects currently not available from Tamiya or Hobbyboss or Italeri, for instance 4 different marks of Amtracks including both fire support variants.



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Afternoon Everyone, Finally have our Internet back, woohoo :) 

Well basically the T55 is finished, But I did take a few photos...

This kit just flew together, it is an absolutely fantastic little kit, the detail is amazing (the cast effect on the turret is brilliant) and the fit is perfect. The only improvement I can think of is maybe having the wheel rubbers separate, would make painting easier... :) 

The tracks went together really well, and I sprayed the Metallic Grey before fitting them. Everything else was sprayed LP 21 Olive Drab 2. You'll notice in the pic I haven't yet fitted the weights into the hull, I forgot :) 


Taking the tips from the Matilda builds, I built up the complete top hull and turret, before spraying them the same colour (LP 21) 


The Olive Drab 2 colour is a bit of a weird colour... 


but after a mist coat of Flat Earth it started to come together... :) 


That was left to dry, and was given a flat coat.

I started then on some just light weathering. Just a black pin wash and a little dry brushing. Didn't really want a dirty tank.20200921_170530.thumb.jpg.5264a43d0957d98459027a9ddcd78051.jpg


And that's where I stopped taking photo's :) 

Basically it was just everything was glued together and I even painted Ivan the tank chap. Used to love doing figures and haven't done any for ages 

and wallah 


Thanks for watching and the comments 


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