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Heller 1/8 Citroën Traction Avant

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HI all this was Heller's greatest kit (well in my opinion anywsy) there are over 1100 parts and you can add an immensely greater amount of detail. I loved this kit and had ideas of doing another custom job of it, unfortunately I will never buy another Heller kit (at least not from heller, if one comes up on eBay cheap I may snap it up) 











I wanted to do this as the last mobile car the French resistance could get hold of before the end of the war for a last raid, I had some very negative feedback on this (" how can you do this to such a classic expensive kit") along those lines, at the time I thought this was my best work  (weathering wise)  it put me off for a long time, but I LOVE weathering things, I think  it makes them more interesting so I will continue regardless what other people think.

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Followed this on another forum - loved it, especially the weathering - which is a skill I greatly admire.

p*sses me off when instead of people admiring and enjoying other people's work, they feel the need to criticize instead. It takes time to bother taking pictures and then posting and writing a WIP thread.

Your model, your money - do whatever you like with it!? bizarre. 

Anyway - I loved it, and I will certainly seek out the kit in the future.

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It is a shame to see a beautiful old car looking like a rusty old nail.
But since you wanted to make the car look like a rusty old nail, you have to be pleased with your success!

My only criticism is that I think the laundry basket is a bit out of scale :P 
Other than that it looks cool and the French Resistance doesn't get a lot of modelling love 
So win all round! :thumbsup:

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I spent ages on that washing basket, you really think it's out of scale? Personally I think it's probably my bad photography.

Incidentally I would LOVE to see what you would do with this kit  

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Hi all been going through some of my old builds and I still think this is one of my best, if not the best (even over the French galley the la reale) I can't believe I've built 162 kits in the 5 yrs since I got back into plastic kits (and some of them have been huge ( the 1/4 Ducati to say the least) and the big ships) 162 is a conservative estimate as that's what I still have, I've sold some and binned some as well it's probably up near 200 in reality.
I would just like to say thanks for watching as I've gone along.
If I'd stuck to sctatch building ships that number would be nearer 4 yes that's right I would have scratch built 4 ships in the same time, can you tell why I like plastic kits.

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