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Posting images on Brexitmodeller

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One thing we'd really love to do for you is to create an upload facility. Unfortunately, it's also one we simply can't do. 

One of the biggest security risks to a forum in this day and age is to allow code to be uploaded and implanted into our server. Malicious code can be implanted into everything from a spreadsheet to a simple JPG image. Some script-kiddies seem to simply want to cause misery for the lives of online users. To that end, posting images on this site means that you will need to use the age-old system of uploading to a third-party site, such as Photobucket etc. 

However, unlike previous versions of this software, posting images from these sites is even easier!

This means that your image host doesn't need to provide you with any BB-Code permutations of the link. Simply upload your photo to your chosen host site and copy the actual direct link into your browser. Paste it into your text, and our spangly new software will do the rest! It recognises your link as an image, and treats it as such. It becomes automatically embedded, and the image appears in your post straight away. Simples.....

For hosting your photos, here are a few sites to choose from. Of course, there are others, but this will give you something of a head start if this is new to you:






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