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Dr Loopy

Zvezda 1/35 Russian M-72 Motorcycle, sidecar and crew(s)

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Thanks @Grunhertz. The choke-making Mr Color Levelling thinners certainly helps! 😷

Not a lot done today, I was busy with other things.

1. Engine glued in place - bit easier than I thought it would be!



2. Tailshaft re-glued



3. Petrol tank painted



4. Other side of painted tank



5. Engine in frame, with tailshaft glued in place. Not very easy, the latter 😬 - I ended up having to settle the two ends in place and re-reglue the tailshaft together. It still has a kink in it :(



6. Left tank knee-pad painted. It looks as though I didn't stir the paint enough (Tamiya XF-86 Rubber Black) - it should be flat, not glossy (and sticky 😬)



7. Right knee pad needs touching up. I used Maskol to mask the pads, but something went horribly wrong on this side



Gradual steps. Nowhere near turning the instruction sheet page yet. The ticking of the deadline clock is getting a wee bit louder...

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Tidying up
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On 23/09/2020 at 03:55, Grunhertz said:

looking great doc that gunze does brush well with MLT 

Goes on a treat - I didn't use it yesterday, and the results are not nearly as good, as you will see. I also managed to poison myself with the Mr Color135 and general thinners yesterday - that's why I didn't put up a post yesterday. I'm still coughing...

1. I made a slight detour at the start yesterday and a new handle for my useful finest (thinnest) brush. I got fed up with not being able to get thinners on it on account of its shortness



2. I used a bamboo kebab skewer instead of a cocktail stick in the end, for added security and heft



3. It’s rather long - but it works - very well! It's not as likely to snap off either as it's not a butt joint



4. Following that successful little venture (it was downhill from thereon), I added the two little wildly-out-o'-register tank emblems, one each side. RH one seen sitting in a very shallow puddle of Alcald II AC600 Aqua Clear



5. Tank emblem, other side. My own placement-registration wasn't too crash hot in either case, neiver. I have three left (the floor monster appears to have got one) if I change my mind. Unlikely, as there are two coats of LifeColor matt clear over them now



6. As can be inferred from the previous two snaps, the tank case cover has been added and ‘painted’ (unthinned Mr Color)



7. Rear mudguard glued on - some repair work and touching up needed



8. Other side of the mudguard. Note the shiny motor, for future reference...



9. Fuel tank complete, ready for glueing on the bike. Note the rather not-very-good (unthinned, second) coat of paint of the tank case-cover, which ha had a generous coat of matt clear slapped on it. The cover doesn't go on for several steps, but I really couldn't see the reason for that after a careful study of the instructions



10. Engine after a generous coat of LifeColor matt clear - a bit less of a target now. Some weathering on that coming up



11. Petrol tank glued in place! Milestone! I can go on to the next step!



Now for a whole lot of tiny fiddly bits to paint and glue on (foot pegs etc.).

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Thanks @Grunhertz, and all those of the very small ('select', ha ha) band who are watching this glacial build. Here are the fiddly bits for one side of the bike, plus exhaust pipes for both:

1. Wooaar! Fishtail pipes!



2. Exhaust pipes glued together at the balance tube



3. Painting support tacked onto a happily-overlooked runner-stub



4. Exhaust pipes, right footpegs and brake pedal added



5. Underside of exhaust pipes - we have a terrible house-dust problem here at Chez Loopant. I left the m0ould seems on the muffles as they made a good impression of weld seams



Step 7 done and not dusted. This is possibly the most fiddly kit that I have ever done - less than four days to go and lots more fiddling to come yet 😬.


Next up, though - WHEELS!

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Thanks, gents :).

1. Wheels in preparation - the one on the left (the sidecar's wheel) has had its two halves glued together after painting the inner parts of the spokes. The RH wheel is the spare



2. More wheels - the ones for the bike itself



3. Sidecar wheel, again



4. Sidecar chassis frame and suspension. The instructions say to paint the leaf springs 'rust' - I'm of the opinion that the 'Entertainment Corps' is capable of a bit more maintenance than those involved on the battlefield



5. Sidecar-bike attachment struts added



6. Sidecar chassis parts, ready for further assembly



7. Support frames added to seats



8. Pillion saddle with grab-handle, from underneath



9. Rider’s saddle with suspension spring



10. Sidecar chassis with mudguard



11. Sidecar chassis again



Coming up - adding the sidecar chassis to the bike after installing the three wheels.

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Hello @Grunhertz, yes the spokes are pretty good. I could have made them finer with a bit of trimming of the mould seams, but after about three wheel halves I gave up as I wasn't able to clean up the shavings easily enough. If I were doing a museum-quality piece, however... ha ha ha...

1. Now we have a motortrike - sidecar chassis attached to bike (with glue). Note that we also have wheels



2. Closer-up view of attachment points. I managed to skilfully snap off both RH footpegs and the brake pedal whilst installing a wheel. Glued back again at a slightly better angles - which I was going to do anyway. My innate clumsiness merely meant that I couldn't overlook or forget about them.



3. (Unpainted) headlight glued on. It'll et some paint in due course



4. Side view of bike with headlamp



5. Sidecar - this is where things really start to go pear-shaped, as the parts-fit isn’t the best



6. Sidecar, RHS. I should have known better than to think that things would get easier with the sidecar. Well, the chassis wasn't bad, but the body...



7. Sidecar, LHS - showing the perfect fit. I should have done more trimming and test-fitting than I did. And there's glue all over the joint. Leaving it to dry before attempting to hide the sins



None too pleased with the sidecar - needs a lot of work - much more than I was expecting. Bang goes my deadline :rant:

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6 hours ago, Dr Loopy said:

None too pleased with the sidecar - needs a lot of work - much more than I was expecting. Bang goes my deadline :rant:

Please don't use the "d" word.
Those of us of a nervous disposition are likely to get triggered and get traumatic flashbacks of university stress outs and all nighters! 

Looking great Loopy! 

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59 minutes ago, Walrus said:

Please don't use the "d" word.
Those of us of a nervous disposition are likely to get triggered and get traumatic flashbacks of university stress outs and all nighters!


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I had a whole lot of glueing issues today - things would break off, get gleed on again, break off, round and round and round.

1. Underside of accordion - this is the mot finely moulded object that I've ever seen in polystyrene,. I find it breathtakingly goo



2. Accordion, top view



3. Accordion part-painted



4. Sidecar test-fit on chassis. I was so unhappy with the sidecar that I did my usual thing in such instances and ripped the front section out, cleaend it up and trimmed it, and glued it back in. It wasn't perfect, but much better than it was originally



5. External sidecar furniture



6. Rear side of bag and case



7. Completed accordion



8. Musician with instrument



9. Alms for the poor...



10. Rider with bottle and mug



11. Musician complete, in his sidecar



12. Handlebars installed, too. The seats and footpegs were an utter nightmare - these were some of the major breakage culprits (but not the only ones)



13. Rider added - and finished! I actually mixed up a different paint mix for the accordion-players hair



14. Rider pouring a drink for his mate



15. Front view



16. Rear view



17. Sidecar side-view



Well, that's it - completed before 1/10/20 Aus time, even! Thank you very much indeed to those who chatted along the way, assigned the odd 'like', or generally watched.

The model saved the worst bits until last - not helped because I was very tired by that stage, having pushed through to get it done in time. It's full of flaws, has a missing part, and dodgy painting. I found it a difficult, challenging process, mostly because of tiny, fragile glueing areas. I'll put the last five photos from this post in the gallery.


Dr L.

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