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HMS Enterprise - CAF - By Kevin - 1/48 - August 2020

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18 minutes ago, Dr Loopy said:

Looking excellent! More parts? As in more boxes of parts? 😱

yes lots of new bits, but a laser issue has occurred so they need to be resent


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Good afternoon everyone 


day 22 hawse timbers fitted


thank you for comments and likes


i would like to think im getting better at the wooden kit building, or the quality of the kit is, lol must be the latter 


thats the hawse timbers in, although i needed to remove a bit of wood




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Good evening everyone, thank you for likes and comments


Day 26 deck beam supports


i have realised tonight, that there is so much to think about on this build, im not in a hurry to do things that are not in sequence, that might be for two reasons,

1 i dont have anything else to do that is out of sequence, and may be the

2  is the same as the first

i have the next two part to the build, but CAF are resupplying some of it, hopefully will be here this week


the point i was trying to make is that im in no hurry to go and make deck fitting or cannons,  mast parts, as i am constantly thinking about the project that is on the go at present, and personally i think it is a good thing for me, lol its the most difficult kit i have ever done, and i aint got to the thinking about bits yet


the deck beams on my build  serve two purposes, first to support the deck and also to keep the frames in an upright positions,  hopefully she can then be removed from the frame to enable some sanding to be done


as previously mentioned the deck line on the plans is the very top of the deck not the deck supports,  so the beams and deck planking has to be subtracted from the line shown which represent 7.5mm

i had no idea how to put the beams supports in place so i came up with my own idea of using nuts bots and washers, it came in very useful, but very fiddly, i also put lower temp deck supports in (the white beams), to enable, ensuring both side were right, or at least both would be wrong

the bow planks were soaked for a coupls of hours and clamped in place

securing the planks, i never used just wood glue, i have drilled 2mm holes through the beam and frame and and used wooden cocktai sticks with glue on as a very oversized treenail, i will let you know if it works, but seams very secure at present, non of this will be seen


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