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Tamiya 1/35 Kampfpanzer Leopard (35064)

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Hi all,
Here is my latest creation. I was going to weather her but I couldn't be bothered and just wanted it off the desk. Which is a shame really as I had great plans for her ☹️

Tamiya 1/35 Kampfpanzer Leopard (35064), 2 Kompanie, Panzer.Battalion. Braunschweig, West Germany, December 1975:








Thanks for looking in 😀

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On 29/07/2020 at 18:40, Spadegrip said:

Cool looking Leopard, remember seeing them at Castlemartin ranges when we were kids Miggers?

Indeed I do 'Grip,indeed I do.

The rattle of their M.G's as they fired at the ground targets and then watching them rock back on their suspension slightly

when they were on Manorbier cliff tops firing their main guns out to sea at targets in the bay.

Walking across the  Ranges on days when they weren't in use and seeing the shot up and rusty Churchills.

The Brawdy TWU Hunters racing over Tenby heading down to Pendine ranges.

Happy memories mate.

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32 minutes ago, mac1677 said:

Thanks chaps, and some great memories 😀

Spadegrip is my cousin Mac.

We used to spend a lot of time as kids and used to holiday in and around Tenby in South Wales.

There's three range complexes around the coast,Cardigan Bay to the North West,Pendine and Castle Martin 

on the South side.

The Brawdy TWU Hunters used to go feet wet at Tenby and then run down to Pendine Ranges.

Tenby harbour has a couple of huts on the quayside,they were "RAF Tenby",they had an

ASRL/RSL based in the harbour just in case a Hunter pilot banged out.

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Nice bit of nostalgia for me. The first Tank model I built trying to ween myself off airplanes, much to my Father's outrage. 

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