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Hi All, 

Dr Loopy's P40 got me thinking about group builds and what seems to be successful is as wide a variety as possible Hence the Helicopter Build which was probably the most successful yet 

So WW2 desert campaign what do we think? usual ting if we can get enough together lets run it. to my mind we have the posibility of at least 5 different countries, more if you include the commonwealth. 

Figures, Aircraft, Vehicles, If anyones brave enough Ships? 

So I'm in 


Peter Marshall





Mad Steve 









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Put me in please Darren.
I might even surprise myself and finish something for the gallery.

I have a few options 
When is the likely start date please (approx month is fine) 
I'll look see what I have as options 



If anyones brave enough Ships? 

A ship of the desert?  That would be a camel, and the one WW! aeroplane I should have #Biggles, is one I don't got  😢  

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On 29/06/2020 at 09:37, Miggers said:

Haha, let's put it this way,you'll like it Col.

He's bought a cactus.

OK seeing as I now have time to do modelling again I'll hold off on my P40 for it, count me in. Anybody got a 1/72 ring sight they have spare at all?

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I've ordered the Airfix starter set Tomahawk because I've been wanting to do a 112 Sqn Sharkmouth anyways.  
That will be a quick build to make sure I ACTUALLY finish  (fingers crossed)

Might also do something else from the stash or a slow burner as well 

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