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Rocket launch video.

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On 08/09/2020 at 12:03, Toolmaker said:

to Largs which is well associated with rocket flying.

Did you ever meet John and Peter Stewart of Paisley Rocketeers fame ?

They were  the cause of me having a brief dalliance with rockets although I only had commercially available motors.

My final launch got up to around 900 + feet. Unfortunately the wind up there was a different direction from ground level and I last saw the 'chute drifting away over the forest about 2 miles away.

Did you visit the 'Festival of Flight' held at Kelburn Park,Largs in the early nineties (?) ?

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1 hour ago, RWG686 said:

They were  the cause of me having a brief dalliance with rockets although I only had commercially available motors.

Hey Richard,

Time hasn’t been kind with my memory banks. Paisley Rocketeers yes, but the specific names I’m unsure. We met the guys from MARS on a regular basis (no doubt Walrus will suggest The Martians), but after my rocketing pal moved abroad I sold most of the stuff to Pete of Pete’s Rockets. By coincidence, in my modelling den right now and I can see a quarter scale patriot under the bench which is fitted with multi motors. 5 in fact, it was quite a demand to get all motors fired at the exact same time. In that aspect we beat the “Martians” to it but to be fair, their focus was always altitude.

One year at Largs we flew a half scale Patriot to over 4000ft. It took me 4 hours to find the nose section but when I did it was all intact. That taught me that radio detection was worthwhile.

As for the motors, it was a different world prior to 9/11. You could buy huge motors direct from the States. You just registered your home as an explosives store, had a visit from the fire brigade, got the nod and you were good to go. I bought the half scale Patriot back from the states using it as luggage stuffing all my clothes in the main 2 tubes with the nose cone inverted in one of the tubes. I’m sure security would ask some questions these days.

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Thanks for posting that Rich, the figures for speed and altitude unwinding really brought home how incredible this stuff is, normally because you have no point of reference because of the distance from the flight path the ascent seems to be quite a leisurely affair but a nought to 2500 km/h and height of 25km in 1minute 40 seconds is anything but.

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