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Bandai 1/12 Star Wars Sandtrooper (2018)

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Completed model number 13, built in 2018.

Still deep into my Star Wars period, I decided to build another stormtrooper - this time the "Sandtrooper" variant.  Also, I spent a little more time on this one.  Instead of a simple OOB build, I painted and weathered him much more than previous troopers - I didn't want him fresh off the parade ground, but how he'd look after several days in the field on Tatooine or wherever.  Plus I replaced the overly-thick as-supplied rubber strap for his rifle with something much more in-scale and realistic made from masking tape and bent fuse-wire for the buckles.



I tried the decal for the shoulder patch thing, but despite copious amounts of Micro-Sol and Micro-Set, it just refused to lie flat!...


So I had to sand it off and paint the patch instead.










How he looked before I started weathering.





If you know what you're looking for, you can spot all sorts of DIY junk used by the original costume-makers in 1976 to make a "space-backpack" by raiding a local B&Q....  There's a toilet-flush/syphon, a Tupperware drink container, and several other bits and pieces....  🤣

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Excellent job.

I have one Stormtrooper figure and, intend to finish the battle armour in a scheme similar to British Army woodland pattern camouflage. I personally wouldn't be happy with gleaming white armour in the middle of a forest! 😉😂I

I'd like to add a few more Stormtrooper/Clone trooper kits if they weren't so hideously expensive in the UK, especially the Scout and speeder bike! 😕

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