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Dr Loopy

Hasegawa 1/72 Curtiss P-40 E Warhawk/Kittyhawk Mk 1

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Odd. I could have sworn that I posted an IWM snap of some P-40 E fuselages being dismantled in Tunisia. I don't recall deleting it ether? Was there a complaint and a Mod deleted it, or did I do it in my sleep? Or did safari muck up again? (Tt has been much worse since the last downdate on the ipad).

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I dunno whats going on but I can see your pic of the P40's being stripped and I've just deleted the extra posts 

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Thank you @Grunhertz. It was totally weird. Like an online shopping incident that backfired twice leaving me with two credit card authorisations and nothing to show for it, an hour or two earlier. A call to the bank (whose initials are, aptly, ‘NAB’) looms in my near future.

One day soon I am expecting that none of my computing devices will work at all (which will probably be a good thing, and a great relief to many).

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On 17/07/2020 at 10:15, Dr Loopy said:

The newer sheet seems to be better; but it means that I really will be doing the AVG plane if I ever builld the second kit

Go on, you know that you want to build that second kit. There’s lots of lovely after market around in case you are missing any parts.

I must be one of the few people that likes the film ‘Flying Tigers’. Lots of good shots of the aircraft in that one.

Then you could ponder doing a 49 fg aircraft too, or an RNZAF one. 

Not that I like the  P-40 series at all....


I’m still in hospital @Dr Loopy. I haven’t seen you on the ward rounds. Must be off building this kit. Never mind, watching you build this is much more entertaining than an ice cold enema 😨👍.

Great stuff. The old bird looks ready for Cutella. Nice work on the re-touching.

Once matron signs my discharge papers (it stopped leaking out long ago 👍) and safely home; my part of the deal will commence. 



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Thank you @Arctica 123. You won't believe what's happened (see below).


15 hours ago, Arctica 123 said:

Then you could ponder doing a 49 fg aircraft too, or an RNZAF one

I am pondering having a rest from microscope scale for a little bit!

Right, I appear to be back (see also below).

1. Overview of LifeColor LC-27 Matt Cleat aileron, wing tip and tailplane test. I had been avoiding this after my Gunze 'matt' clear was anything but flat - but this stuff is the Real Deal(tm), so I am now a bit happier (but see also below)



2. LifeColor LC-27 Matt Clear test on wingtips and ailerons - nice and flat, and it has made the 'azure blue' a bit closer to what I think that it should be (although a bit more red would have been better)



3. Starboard wingtip and aileron test - and a luvverly close-up of the missing bit of transfer bang in the middle of the red bit of the rounderl



4. Close-up of matted tailplane undersides. The rest of the wing under-surface, and the well-cured enamelled topsides, will get a dose of the LifeColor matt clear in a bit



5. Some red paint (ModelMaster Insignia Red enamel) blobbed on on the roundel centres, using the finest brush that I could find



6. Some blue paint blobbed on on the roundel outer and fin-flash (MM Insignia Blue enamel)



Right. Again. This is where it all goes a bit pear-shaped:

7. Painted-propeller-free zone. I looked and looked. In fact, I did some tidying up 😱, but to no avail. That dratted floor monster has been particularly active in my 'absence' :rant:



You'll notice the unpainted prop on photo no. 7 above. I'll nick that from the second kit, too - and before I do anything with kit no. 2, I will either make a new one or have a look for a naftermarket* item. Some AM exhausts and canopy would be good, too. Everything else is fine. Well, maybe transfers, too. I think that the kit ones are far too old...


A note on the wheel wells: in many instances, the circular canvas well covers were removed from aircraft for ease of maintenance, etc., apparently. I have a very strong suspicion (which is, ha ha, not back up by any evidence whatsoever) that the covers were left on in the Western Desert, to keep all the dreadful dust out of the wing as much as possible. Hence, the round wheel wells in 'dusty canvas'. Well, that's my excuse 😛.


* spelling? who said anything about slegnilp?

Edited by Dr Loopy
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Another thumbs up for the LifeColor Matt 👍. I have not tried it before either. 
The insignia colours match nicely Doc.

For the old transfers, you could try spraying a fine coat of clear varnish on them, then cutting them out. There’s also a ‘decal repair’ product that can be brushed on. I forget the name, buts it’s made by the Micro-Sol/Micro-Set people.

I have used it on older TechMod transfers. The latter are lovely and very fine, but tend to shatter. Roden ones for their He-111’s and lots of early ICM can look lovely on the sheet, but they tend to shatter too. That brush on product works, but I’m sorry, hang on..... ‘Decal Fix’? Maybe?

Quickboost make (or made) a nice resin P-40 prop and spinner with a little jig 💃.

I used it to rescue a Heller P-40E that had also fallen victim to the carpet monster, then my slippers. 

CMK/Special HoMPFrrAzurCondor (moment) make nice aftermarket exhausts and Falcon/Squadron make nice canopies. Rob Taurus and Pavla May be worth looking at too, but I’m biased, love the clarity of Falcon Canopies. Sets are best; you know the best place for deals: Jay’s Hobbies in NZ. If you would like to club together for an order; 🥶 is open to suggestions as has been longing for canopy sets for FROG Maryland, Vengeance and SB2, Academy P-40E,  various French Heller things and Soviet PE-8, Il-28 (Airfix(!) and Trumpeter) for a long time.

True Details and CMK, others, make/made nice wheels too.

Legato even used to make resin bodies, to eg convert a P-40E into a P-40K or M or something like that.

I have one somewhere. Far away.

Carry On Doctor! 

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