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Brexitmodeller - Our ethos

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Brexitmodeller was created as a result of the need for a new, refreshing modelling forum where the staff and owner aren't lording it over the membership, and where everyone is treat as an adult. This means, unlike one other forum we can mention (but won't), that members needn't fear of being locked out, suspended or banned for the smallest misdemeanour. They also won't be publicly called out in order to ridicule them if they do transgress any of the simple 'rules' that we operate by. One word that we like to hear is 'inclusivity'. A small, 5 syllable word that means a lot. Essentially, this is your forum. It is a place where you can come and be a part of a greater modelling family where we are all able to be responsible for each other, without the jackboot of an admin or moderator casting a shadow over your presence, continually. We aim this to be a place where you can post your work in progress and finished topic gallery. Here, you can chat about pretty much anything in our General Discussion area, as long as you don't set out to inflame or troll people. The only thing we really don't want to see here are bad language and references to things sexual, as we will doubtless have some younger modellers joining our ranks too. We of course don't want them to feel uncomfortable. 

It's highly likely that on your other forums, especially one that purports to have a British theme to it, that you can't post reviews of new book, kits, tools, paints, decals or anything else, less it impinges on the ability of their admin to receive his own endless stream of samples. Well, here at Brexitmodeller, you can post away at will in the reviews area. We have an area for staff reviews, and one for member reviews, directly alongside. All we ask is that you give a fair and impartial view of said product. We will set up a page on ScaleMates, and you will be able to link your Brexitmodeller review directly into there for all to see! As we say here, this is your forum. 

Brexitmodeller is hosted on a dedicated server, and operating the very latest version of Invision Power Board (IPB) V4, with lots of little improvements over what you may be used to elsewhere. 

Of course, in our early days, we are open to your suggestions on our layout, structure and format, and are keen to hear from you. Feel free to post in the suggestions area and then we can look at the feasibility of what you suggest. If we can implement something, then we will aim to do so, and you will be thanked for your input. 

That's my first real post on Brexitmodeller, aside from a few test posts that were made before the site went public. 

Have fun here and share your work, tips and other musings, and thank you in advance for helping to make this site a real alternative to what you have already had to put up with where you may have posted previously.


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Ok, we now have a Brexitmodeller member on Scalemates, and the forum is linked there with a banner, so if you want to add your own review content and link it to Brexitmodeller, you can copy/paste the link into their 'Add review link' area on a product page. 


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