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The last Messerschmitt?

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That got your attention then.     Not a 109 obviously as it wasn't a helicopter.

Messerschmitt merged with Bolkow and later Blohm so we have MBB who made..


I decided to do something quick and easy and I won't be going to town on microscopic detail.


Hopefully at the end of the build I'll have this


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2 hours ago, RWG686 said:

So much for my plan to embarrass you all into doing more than one.

Look I dont have anymore helicopters OK!

And the wife has put an embargo on me starting anymore until i "bloody finish something" 

And right now i haven't the kahunas to argue 

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6 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

And the wife

This elusive creature who has already proved that she can build a helicopter...just sayin!

I would like to send you one but I've only got 55 left in the stash.

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Sorry @Grunhertz

I miscounted.      3 X 1/48 ,1 X 1/100  and 89  X 1/72. Might get some done before the end of June.

Back to the Bolkow..

Major parts assembled and now waiting for the filler to dry.


I added some lead weight under the floor as I suspect with the slightly longer pod sh may be a tail sitter.


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8 hours ago, RWG686 said:

I decided to do something quick and easy and I won't be going to town on microscopic detail.

WAIT!! HOLD EVERYTHING!! I just noticed this!

"Quick and easy" has never gone together with "Amodel kit" in the history of the world!

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It’s good to see you making this one Richard. I had been interested in how the kit goes together. It looks like; very well? 

Very nice work, comfortable looking cockpit there :)

How well do the the transparencies fit?

One of the boxings includes a set of transfers for one in Spanish markings, therefore, I feel one of these creeping onto the ‘possibly to build’ list.

Meanwhile, many others to start, and finish, first. 

Keep up the momentum, good stuff.


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PS. I think old Willy’s last successful solo production design was this:


Somewhere I have a resin kit of one with, literally, about five pieces in it.

Then his last solo ‘not taken to production model’ flying thing design was this;


A kit or two exist of it but they’re a little beyond my weekly pocket money allowance. A shame as it’s definitely ‘up my street’.

A prototype thing from a fascinating era, that wouldn’t look out of place being driven by female dolls (they were, they were dolls), from ‘Cloudbase’ in Captain Scarlet. 

Nearly every box ticked, right there :) 

However, not his last flying thing and not a wobbychopter, so I’ll go and sit on the naughty step and have a good think about what I’ve done now 😞.



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Ok enough hilarity...the glazing..




I really should just have stretched an Airfix one.

My A model made the roof in two pieces I have no idea. The clear bit doesn't fit the gap so I will have to trim back the solid roof.

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1 hour ago, Walrus said:

Wasn't sure which emoji to click on
I was simultaneously thankful I'll never build this kit, laughing out loud, baffled how you managed to make anything remotely stick together and sad all at the same time.
I'm guessing you had similar albeit highly intensified emotions.  

That's a perfect description of building an Amodel kit.

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