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Thank you, Grunhertz 😃👍🏼🤣

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Missed out the ‘laughy’ 🤣🤣🤣

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I have been assembling select tools for the proposed build:

Fra top tae bottom: glue, persuader, sprue cutters, file and brush (for sweepin' up the bits, ye ken). Apologies for the excellent quality of the photo..



If I get really keen desperate:



Summat tells me that I'm no taking this as seriously as I might. Well, you did say that you wanted to Laugh Along Wi' Dr Loopy™, ha ha.

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Right. Enough of this FRIVOLITY!

Having sorted the main colours (lurid dayglo custard yellow, pie-crust tan, see previous page), I have been giving some thought to the minor Farbe (Xtracolor enamels):

X034 RAF PRU Pink - wheel tyres; oil, cordite and exhaust smoke stains, etc.

X104 International Orange FS 12197- spinner, 'highlights', go-faster stripes

X203 RLM 66 Schwarzgrau - propeller blades

X355 Japanese Interior Blue (= Aotake) - cockpit and rear window interiors, gunsight

X409 RLM 02 Grau - u/c legs, wheel bays.


Hmm 🤔. That looks about right, I think.


OK - I promise, dinky die*, that I will behave myself as a model** of sobriety on the actual thread***

I'm tempted to pop out with a Pratchett quote, but luckily for his memory's sake, I can't remember the exact one. But it involves one of the Unseen University staff, one Dr Hix.****

Actually, I do have all the proper colours, never fear. Including Tyre Black.


* Orstrilianism meaning: trealy ruly, correct, honest guv, true blue, etc.

** or maybe even the real fing*****, not just a model, ha ha.

*** Unless I get booted first

**** See in Unseen Academicals

***** To quote Russell Morris

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Despite the fact that his car hire company has just gone bust, Mr Grun Hertz has indeed offered sound advice. Start with a clean slate, a piece of white chalk (a piece of cornflake packet and a green crayon are possible alternatives) and write down a maximum of 4 kits you are interested in - preferably in a recognised genre, so that, if the mojo takes, you can carry on a theme with #2 and #3.

Buy something fresh and simple (no PE, vac-form canopies, or resin 'enhancements), aim for straight from the box. Spend less than £20. Don't feel you 'have to' do anything. Instead, have fun. Remember when you were 12 years old and went down to the toy shop every week and chose from the limited stock something that you built in 4 hours max and painted the next day. Capture that feeling.

My personal opinion, after asking the other herbs here for some sage advice, that any new-tool Airfix kits seem to have got the perfect balance between detail, simplicity and cost. Someone mentioned Curtis Warhawk/Kittyhawk. Sounds good. Or a Spitfire even.

Just don't tell us. instead, post it in 'finished' a week or so from now - whether its finished or not.

Welcome back!

PS.  I'm working on half a dozen models simultaneously right now - only one of which I felt I 'should' do, and that one has turned out to be the least fun. I'm having a happy lockdown at least!

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Thanks Che; thank you, and for your thymely advice :).

It seems that I plumped for the little Hasegawa Kittyhawk - and that really is simple. About as simple as it can get - almost. It has a cockpit floor, joystick, instrument panel with transfer, and pilot. I remember some kits at 12 that had less than that! Oh, and choice of drop-tank or bomb. And sway braces 😱.


New thread here.

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