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Plymouth Duster.....a bit of Mopar Madness

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Plymouth Duster dragster…….Revell 1/24


This might take some explaining

Years ago I did the ‘Cop Out’ Plymouth Duster kit and thoughly enjoyed it……always been a fan of Tom Daniel designed kits anyway…….and ive always wanted to do it again but do it in a more ‘normal’ dragster scheme not ‘Cop Out’ (the story behind it was Tom had designed the chassis for another kit and Monogram, wanted him to use it, to save time and money, with another body shell such as the Duster……he wasn’t very enthusiastic and thought it a cop out……light bulb moment!......and that’s where he got the idea for a police dragster from)

So I acquired another kit a few years ago and been saving decals ever since………but then I came across someone in the UK on ebay selling Fred Cady decal sheets……he stopped making these years ago and are getting a bit hard to find, especially in the UK…..and he had a sheet for ‘The Mopar Missile’ …..a real dragster from the early 70’s that was sponsored by Chrysler…..seemed an easy way of getting suitable decals (my cop put moment lol)

The big difference is the real car is a different kind of dragster…….stock-ish body shell whereas the Cop Out is a space frame lift up body Funny Car style……and the rear wheel arches are a different profile, so im going to have to work out how to recut the decals……and im only going to get one shot at this since the decals cost almost as much as what the kit is worth

So this could all go horribly wrong

But since im not going to be doing a replica of the real car, merely using the decals to make my interpretation I have a bit of license on how I do things…….most of the chrome work is going to get stripped and painted, cos its not that good to start with

Kit is a fairly recent repop by Revell……originally it was by Monogram and came out in early 70s…..theres a fair bit of flash and warpage on the chrome sprues but its workable






not be wanting these decals


cos ive got these instead....


and the real Mopar Missile



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17 hours ago, beowulf said:

engine 3/4 done, cant finish til its in the chassis.....blown 426 Hemi......scratched a distributer


Mmmmm:devil:(has he mentioned he likes big V8's)

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chassis finished apart from the exhausts, which need a wash first



next is the bit ive not been looking forward to.......the bodyshell.......think im going to spray the silver bumpers and grille first, then mask, then the black 

since the aftermarket deals ive got are for a standard Duster bodyshell and this is anything but im going to have to recut the profile round the wheelarch

the front will be easy since its just removing some sponser decals that falls where the wheel arch is but the rear will be a little more awkward

i traced the outline of the decal onto paper, cut it out and positioned it on the car...can then play about getting the profile how i want....i can then put it over the decal and redraw the edge.......just hope it all works!!




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