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Trumpeter 1/32 MiG 17F

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This is an earlier effort from Trumpeter in the 1/32 range and boy, does it show. There are numerous errors with the kit, some of the worst being the engine included from their MiG 15, thus the tail pipe is too short. The break in the fuselage is also a full 2cm short of where it should be. I fixed this by closing up the fuselage, leaving out all the interior parts and sanding smooth the join. I also added the back end of a 44gal fuel drum to simulate the jetpipe  out the end of the tail. Not 100% accurate but close enough. The windscreen is very poor, I did not replace it though. They also completely forgot to include the tail strake. I made out of out a spare from a MiG 21 kit. The tires are rubber and poorly molded and the canopy lacks the rear vision periscope. Fit overall is pretty poor and it requires a god amount of sanding and rescribing. I left out the interior of the nose intake as it doesn't fit properly and you need the room to fit in enough weight to avoid a tail sitter. I just cut out the top of the nose wheel well and added that after the fuselage was together. It's also disappointing that Trumpeter chose not to include any weapons or plyons.

Decals come from Eagle Strike for the national insignia and from another Trumpeter model for the numbers. This aircraft was used as a trainer towards the end of the 1980's.

Overall, this is a pretty poor kit. There is a fair amount of aftermarket available, but I'd really only recommend you buy this model if you can't live without a large scale Fresco.







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