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53 minutes ago, Jessie_C said:

Alas, I am limited to the kit decals at the moment

I wish decals were available for the first two there.

Are you setting up a production line and doing all three?

Here's a simple alternative to that spaceship nightmare. You'll have to make a radar nose if the kit doesn't have one.


Looks a bit like Olaf from Frozen with that nose.

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The picture doesn't show up, and attempting to view it directly returns a 403 error :(


Edited to add: The 'space' markings are very comprehensive. All I'll need is black around the windows, and dark metallic blue everywhere else. The rest is on the decal sheet.

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14 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

I was thinking the space markings 

What he says^

The 117 Space Ship jobbo.

Either SAM or Scale Models International reviewed it yonks ago and did it as that one,looked pretty impressive IIRC.

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I've splashed some more glue and paint about. Here's the inside bits, soon to be lost to view forever.


Started on painting the raccoon mask


This bit is technically known as the whirlyroundthingywhatgoesontop


And a test fit of the major bits to see what kind of filling I'll need to do


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Ha! No sooner did I post that interior shot than I discovered that I have a few colours wrong. I'm going to need to paint the pilots' seats and footwell the same tan colour I did the rear seats. Luckily I found this before I glued the fuselage together and it would have been too late.



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Ah, those lovely Matchbox windows of fond memory. Now irrevocably glued in with Gator Glue. I'm not really certain whether it's made from gators, but it certainly holds like one. take a last look at the interior, because from now on it's going to be pretty much invisible.


Test fit. That tail boom is going to need some secure gluing and a lot of work.


Sorting out the seam on top of the doghouse with stretched sprue. It still needs more work than after this dries.


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I should have done a primer coat in acrylic over the enamel raccoon mask, because the nice glittery lacquer attacked it, and the rather ragged black is showing through. Oops.



I'll have to buff that out and try again once the paint cures completely.

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