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Hobby Boss F/A-18D VMFAT-101 - 1/48

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Finished up one of the fastest builds of my life this morning. It's the Hobby Boss offering of the F/A-18D legacy Hornet in markings of VMFAT-101, the Sharpshooters. The build is for my uncle who served with the squadron in the late 80s/early 90s, right after the squadron transitioned from the Phantom to the Hornet.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the kit itself, especially compared to the Hasegawa legacy Hornet, though this one still has some flaws. The cockpit of the HB kit is much more accurate for a 'D' variant and the overall fit was much better, especially in the areas around the intakes. The HB offering, though, doesn't give you the option of dropping the flaps and slats. So I had to cut the actuators and reposition them. The plastic itself was also much rougher than what comes in the Hasegawa box. Many pieces required clean up. If I could combine the two kits into one, we might have a pretty decent legacy Hornet between them.

Though it was such a fast build, the brief WIP thread can be found here.








The rest of the photos can be found here

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I really like the look of that, especially how you have managed to modulate the grey so that it doesn't look like a solid block of one colour. Nice marking too, probably not a scheme that gets modelled too often.

I have one question though, was VMFAT-101 not a Marine Squadron and if so shouldn't it have 'Marines' plastered on the side instead of 'Navy'?

Duncan B

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