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Tamiya 1/35 scale WW2 German heavy haulage

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Hey gals and guys, I have generally been in deep cover since finishing the Corvette and there was a moment when I thought the topic about the “lack of mojo” had been especially written for me, however I knew it was just a matter of time before we popped back up.

A relaxed build by choice. It won’t be an extensive blog, unless of course someone wants any particular detail or instruction. I don’t intend weathering the kit as I plan to model it as if it had just come out of the factory.

Well what did you expect, jigs and fixtures are never going to be far from my efforts.







To be fair, there was no shortage of spare parts.



A number of hours and it looked like this.













The factory inspector got in on the job;




I’ll drop back in when I have done a similar amount again.

Cheers all


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On 29/01/2020 at 11:48, Miggers said:

Woo,a big Famo,one of my favorite half tracks.

Comes complete with a rear wheel steer trailer. It’ll make a nice rig when done. It’s a loverly kit but I’m not really feeling the love flow for it right now. I’ll have a couple of full days on it this week and see how I feel after that.


On 31/01/2020 at 12:46, Drichc said:

Superb tracks mate, truly superb.




6 hours ago, dixieflyer said:

Nice!  Love the tracks.

Cheers chaps, my back story on the tracks is that the individual cast links have been sat in a heap outside the factory for some months before being fitted to this new build vehicle. It’s not rust as such, just surface stuff from standing water in the pockets and some oxidisation. New rubber pads fitted at point of build so no chunks taken out.

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Although I enjoyed the initial rush, this just isn’t working for me at the moment. It’s probably not what is keeping me out of the modelling space, but something is, so I will choose to blame “it”.

It has been a catalogue of newbie errors, It’s over 2 years since I built any armour and I have forgotten the general build schedule. On top of that, and weirdly it’s the etch that has gone wrong. As you know I can normally deal with etch like it’s not too much of a problem, but everything I touch on this has either bent/broken or fallen off which tells me that I may have made the wrong decision to get into this.

I have a (relatively)short modelling career and its come as a shock to not want to finish something so I at least felt the urge to take it to a certain point before sacking it off.

Armour modellers will know my angst when I say most of the panels are still to be fitted;










so this is the package that I am re-boxing......


Tonight I have moved something new onto the bench and I at least hope I will be more successful with this one.

Those that have been here for a few years will remember that this was one of the first “in progress” posts I made; so now I hope to finish it off by doing the rigging. It still sits unfinished in the in progress section so it will be good to move it along.








So for now I am closing this off and moving back to the ship building in progress area, hopefully I will make better there....


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9 hours ago, Toolmaker said:

It has been a catalogue of newbie errors............ but everything I touch on this has either bent/broken or fallen off which tells me that I may have made the wrong decision to get into this.

I know the feeling. The kit I'm doing has fought me all the way. Not been a fun experience at all.

Looking forward to your big boaty thing though. :yes:

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8 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

That's a shame paul but ot happens to us all it was looking good though 

Cheers, I’ll definitely come back to it at some point.

I have a tendency to buy kits that I have seen an exceptional build of elsewhere. The problem with that route is I then want to match the same quality. So at this time, not being in the mood for a challenge, it’s probably best I build something without the pre-conceived expectation.

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