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Pocher 1/8th 1933 Bugatti T50

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Evening Everyone :analintruder:

I blame Jag Mate for this......:yes:

An old friend decided to visit the desk.

It's not easy taking photos as its nearly 3/4 of a meter long 


Just some lookie see photos of some of the progress so far

Starting at the front, the engine



The Dashboard


Interior (still unfinished.)

Jury is still out on the piping on the seats. The white piping will suit the new colour scheme (more later), so maybe I'll just leave it.


The wheels work as they do on the real thing, the knock offs unscrew, and the wheel can be removed (there are no brakes fitted as yet.)


And this is the reason the build ground to a halt in the first place

Its two-fold actually. Firstly, rear quarter windows do not fit properly, so they need sorting out, and will probably involve some filling as well. 

Secondly, I've done a half arsed job of fitting the door, it doesn't fit properly, so that needs to come off and be re done. The glass for the doors don't fit properly when it's all fitted together and I believe it's a common problem, so simple solution, I'm going to leave the windows open.:yes:

Yes, you are hearing a lot of 'dont fit properly' Thats Pocher through and through, it is a 50 year old kit after all :1562769345_laugh(1):


And lastly the colour. 

As can be seen, it's in the Yellow & Black shown on the tin...But it's just not..., can't just put my finger on the right word, but then I saw this.


Black and Ivory. Does that not just epitomize the 30s; Art deco, Bauhaus and all that...

So I'll be sanding down the cab again and getting it ready for a repaint. Now where to find Ivory... (Might use Tamiya Racing White, that would look good) 

Thats it for now. This, as I've said before, will be a long one...

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Evening Everyone :analintruder:

(I blame Jag Mate for this...)

To recap. The build stalled, quite a while ago, because of issues I was having with the doors and windows

So, onwards...

Pins removed and door taken apart.


The doors do actually have a simple winder up and downer, but it's very basic and prone to not working. Instead of trying to get the clear piece to fit properly into the chromed frame, I just lowered the window and superglued it in place.


While the door was off, I made a template for the window, for masking. This will save a lot of time and faffing later.


Placing the door back on, I could see that the problems I had been having before were because the hinges were :yes:


The rear quarter window was the biggest issue previously, and it's the main reason the build came to a heeching scralt...

I sat with a cup of coffee, looking at the inside and outside of the window and noticed that there is a lip around the edge of the window, on the inside, basically making it out of true and this is reason the window won't fit properly... So a quick whizz round with my natty little mini moto tool, and wallah!

I was going to use Clear PVA to glue in the window, but I used super glue instead. 


Since I was done on that side of the Cab, I used the templates and masked off the windows already.

(The dust on the body is from sanding down with a sanding sponge)


The rear window is simplicity itself, the clear piece fits inside a chromed plastic fitting and that slots into the Cab. I'm going to leave it off until the cabs painted, instead of faffing with masking and all that. (Why this is plastic and not metal like the other frames I don't know. 


Thats it for now... 




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Evening Everyone :analintruder:

I don't blame JagMate for this one, in fact I'm going to say thank you for motivating me to get this off the ground again.

How long this has been sitting idle because I didn't know how to proceed, and in 3 days it's been solved.

Windows and doors fitted on both sides.



The front and rear windows won't be fitted until it's been painted.

I spent a good hour or more rubbing the body down and getting all the lumps out of the paint and then I gave it a coat of Tamiya Fine Grey primer to see all the bits I missed.


This I'm going to leave to dry for a couple of days before I carry on with it, and plus, I need to order the rattle cans, (6 Gloss Black, 2 Racing White and 2 Gloss Clear.) :o

(I'm using Tamiya Rattle Cans because the paint is a better quality than the 'Hardware shop' spray cans. It is a Bugatti after all :1562769345_laugh(1):)

Plenty more to crack on with



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Well, I'm being poked and proded by that RAF wallah to get a move on with my Bugatti build

I was going to paint it Insignia White & Black, but I've decided to revert to the Yellow & Black.


Yellow sections painted, Tamiya TS Yellow.



I want to touch up the edges, then give it a clear coat, then mask off all the yellow :yes:

So, more soon(ish) then


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Afternoon everyone :analintruder:

The great mask off continues.... 


Tamiya bendy tape works nicely here, and normal tape for the rest. 

Seeing as I'm spraying such big areas, I'm spraying LP Clear in between the joins of the masking and body to try to limit paint overspray. Lets hope it works.

Spraying the Black tomorrow hopefully 

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Afternoon Everyone...

The great paint off continues....

Gloss Black, lots of it....

That was sprayed first thing this morning at around 07h00. At around 2 ish I stripped off the masking. 

I'm happy with the finish on the gloss black, but there are some over sprays (dammit) and not happy with that. 

Note - The doors are sitting like they are because they both open. I will get them to sit right on final display.



I'm going to leave this for a day or two, to properly dry off, then I'll sort out the over sprays and then the last coat of Clear. 



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