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Is it a bird, or a plane, or a total pain in the arse? How to make a hash of Eduards I-16.

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Back for the final time and as this build seems to rapidly be fading into obscurity, I'll keep it brief(ish).

I did test fit the nose before it was painted, surprise, surprise, it didn't fit afterwards - and not by a thickness of paint, this involved serious plastic shedding. Obviously I used stunt fingers for this shot.


Eduards intended method of attaching the prop is a bit of a joke. They provide a stupidly tiny spindle the size of punctuation. I applied the tiniest of tiny drops of glue to the very tip – useless, the prop fell off. Then I applied a fraction more glue and the spindlly thing stuck solid, but the prop still fell off.


Out with the drill and assorted tubing to make something better myself.


The plan was to use a hair-dryer borrowed from Mrs Gorby (not having any use for one myself) and using it to spin the prop in the final photos (preferably when she was out so that I didn't get the 'what did I do to deserve this' look from her again). Didn't work – too much friction.

The last thing was to do a stand. I'm still not in the wood mangling mood at the mo and I didn't feel that this little monster of a kit was worth going the extra mile for. Fortunately I remembered something that would be suitable, if not better. A few years ago Mrs Gorby was given a pretty expensive candle. I've never really understood the concept of a pricey gift that you set light to, but this one caught my attention because it had it's own thick cork mat base. I turned out to be perfect, but I'm not showing to you yet because you're not worthy. Sorry and all that, but there's no point beating around the bush about it is there. :wink:

Hope to get this in the gallery and out of my life, this weekend.

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On 12/02/2020 at 17:54, Gorby said:

it'll need a tog rating.

An interesting variant, the I-16tog. Developed as a nightfighter but abandoned after so many crashes caused by the pilot falling asleep.

I do like all those wee fellas that appear during your build. I wonder ,given your background, if they are actually the model and the aeroplane is CGI?

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2 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

Just seen the pic in the gallery mate, that is beautiful 


7 minutes ago, Toolmaker said:

Considering the angst it looks fab in the gallery, it’s a real eye catcher. All in all a superb bit of recycling.

Thanks very much mates. :thumbsup:

I must admit that I like the end result, and I may even consider 'wheels-up' again. :shock:

Probably not for the Swordfish though. :ermm:

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Only thing I know about these I-16's is that they don't like a good burst of 20mm up their tail pipes from my IL-2 combat 109.


They then go "west"(usually in a blaze of glory)very well,Comrade Piotr usually doesn't get out and "rides the ship down".....


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