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Helicopter Group Build

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2 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

now i need a helicopter 😁)


1 hour ago, Walrus said:

Just glue some lollipop sticks on top of a tank and call it an attack helicopter.

Sorry Steve..found tanks with wings but none with rotors.

This unfortunately isn't a helicopter


Wasn't that a great help!

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10 hours ago, dixieflyer said:

Is too.

No it isn't, It's not even an autogyro. It needed to be towed to get airborne as it didn't have enough power itself to get it to the speed required.

He's not getting to build that 😁

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2 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

Didn't Aurora make a kit of that :) 

I bet it made a right racket:shock: and prompted such comments as "Turn the bloody thing off!!!"

This one however:


was made by the firm of "Headoffa",they didn't last long.......

However,I do believe I've found something for our intrepid scratch builders(I'm looking at you Gorbs)to have a go at.

The very latest in Russian developements:


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11 hours ago, dixieflyer said:

It intrigues the WWI aviation fan in me:

Probably the world's first flyable helicopter was built and tested at Dumbarton in Scotland. Unfortunately WW1 stopped any further development.

@Ian Campbell mentioned me and scaffolding poles earlier so I suppose this fits the bill.

@Che Guava  and I have done a fair bit of research and hope to have a decent set of drawings in due course. Hopefully it will park an interest for these old machines  (and before the smart comments come in..no I haven't seen one!)


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