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Caterham R500 Custom Build - 1/12

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12 hours ago, DC3 said:

Orsum work. How much is the resin for the printer?

Ranges in price for different types/makes etc - but the 'standard' stuff I use is about £30-£40 ltr - if you look at the 'volume' of the parts that I ave been making, that lasts for ages!

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On 8/21/2019 at 9:26 PM, Toolmaker said:

Mine is just a repeat of what the previous three posts have said 👍🏼


I do however have a technical question if I may;

Although not up to date, I do have a vague working knowledge of Solidworks having been responsible for introducing it into an engineering company more than 10 years ago. Once the designers engineers were proficient I was moved onto something else hence my “not up to date” statement.

I’m sure with a refresh I could manage any designs I might need but I am interested how the supports for the printing are introduced. Does the printing software add those or do you also need to model those onto the “solid”?

Thanks in advance and thanks also for showing such great work.

p.s Is that a Renishaw motorised head on your old design page? 



Hi Paul - my knowledge of solidworks is pretty basic - as an industrial designer I've come into contact with so many different 3D programs, from 3D max and pro-e to this - never been an 'operator' though, so youtube is my friend!

But yes, the 3D printer comes with a 'slicer' program that forms the supports - which you can edit as required...

Yep - we did some design work on a Renishaw head back in about 2000! - which page am I linking to? Need to do some serious updates lol!


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More exhaust details - added the rivets!


I used some graphite from a pencil to add back some of the metallic look in certain areas...




I glued the exhaust in at the front end (2-part epoxy this time) in the engine bay - rear exhaust mounts would come later...






Of course the second, blue car had a different exhaust mount, with an extra strengthening hanger - it is common for the rear exhaust mount to snap as it hold such a long length of pipe and silencer...


The white plate is for behind the drivers seat - brass pipe is exhaust support...



Next big job which I had put off was the 4 clear race screens. These are quite scrappy in real life - bent ali strip along the bottom, cut perspex screens. The only way to make these was exactly like the 'real' ones - so cut some acetate sheet, cut some ali sheet and rivet them together (glued) then rivet them to the cars...great!




At this point I was trying to be clever with the clear screens - there is a very small lip at the top on the real cars - I figured I could make this by using a section cut from a water bottle - I reckon you could find any canopy, headlight cover or curved window 'somewhere' on some of these curvy bottles...anyway, I found my section - but when I came to cleaning up the edges I discovered that these bottles and laminated - 2 layers! Same thickness (as opposed to the graphic sleeve some use) - and these were separating - so I dumped that idea and went back to flat - the compound curve would have made bending the corners round much more difficult, so all ok...





More rivets!


Scary bit - I painted these cars back in 2003 - no idea what auto paint colour I used, so no touch up later!!


I glued them onto the car, but used rivets to provide a mechanical join as well...







At this point with the seatbelts and screens done, I could finally glue the cages in place!


Another part of the cage that I had almost forgotten about was the drivers side-impact protection...





Getting close now - all these little tiny 'quick' details take waaaaay longer than you think they will take...starting with the 28 poppers to fit to the boot covers. I painted plastic rivets and then cut just the heads off to stick directly to the 'rubber' covers. Pins would have also worked, but more of a pain to cut and glue...






Some poppers on the scuttles...


Noticed a small bracket on the yellow roll cage - so that had to go on, complete with cable ties!



Rear number plate and light on the blue car...


And front plate on the yellow...I had also added tape to the front and rear lights, as race cars tend to do...


And.....FINISHED!!!!!! omg - only taken 17 years!! 
I'll take some 'proper' finished pictures at the weekend - but well chuffed with the results.



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Fantastic modelling! Just superb. (I'm hoping to have a go at 1/12 scale soon. Need to see how my heavily dropped hints for my 50th birthday present have landed first...)

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On 8/24/2019 at 7:47 AM, Grunhertz said:

Beautiful and worth 17 years work, I think you ought to enter them at Telford mate 

Cheers mate, and thanks for following!

No idea what is involved in Telford (went for the first time last year as a visitor) - don't you have to be in a club or something?


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Thank you for the reply to my question earlier, most appreciated.

I take my hat off to you on your completed models. They are fantastic and you show a level of skill to aspire for. Your pictures do them far more justice than my words can.

Well done sir


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