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  • 6 months later...

Oh heeellooooooooo :) 

I was staring at the empty bit on my desk yesterday after I finished my Lifeboat, wondering what to do next....

Then I remembered I was in the process of building some scooters, so here we are again.... 

To enable the slow ones at the back to catch up, We are still in the process of building this one...


And this is how it was left like 6 months ago...( good god :()

Frame needs a bit of a clean off...


Instrument panel, Mudguard, airbox and fuel tank were primed, but not painted.


And the body work was glued together... 

Very few mould lines to clean up on this one because there isn't a line running accross the tank, it has a flap that lifts up.


If you recall before the break, we were discussing what colour I was going to paint the bodywork, and as usual I have ignored everyone and made it white :) 

Bit of filing and sanding done to clean of the joint lines (no swearing, its not an Airfix kit :)), bit of paint dabbed on here and there, and wallah.....

( I still need to paint the hood black at the front for the instrument panel) 


Whilst that was busy drying off, I stuck a few bits to the frame...

(Richard, please note, the clamp is not Tamiya :harhar:)


Thats about it for now.... things to paint and glue together. Being a little 250, there's not many bits on this so we are actually are about 80% done....

See ya later.. 




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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Little bit more done.

Ok so the headlight and indicators were stuck on with Kristal Kleer, and the windscreen added after that. The seat was painted a 1:1 mix of gloss and matt red (X7 & XF7).This painting seats red thing is getting boring now. The other two bikes had red seats, the VT 250 before this was the same colour, Red and White, and the RG 250 I'm doing next is the same bloody colour again... :(. Something will have to be done :) 

After all the clear bits were stuck on, It was time to fit the bodywork to the frame, and it doesn't fit...  10 minutes later and using words usually reserved only for Airfix kits, I removed the big blob of Blu Tak from under the tank and wallah, the bodywork fit :) 


Overnight I glued the forks together. They have been repainted because I hate the shiny chrome on these older kits, Only thing to finish them off was to attach the front wheel and wallah again... 


The sharper ones amongst you (or are they on a nap break :)) will notice that the holes in the disc brakes haven't been drilled out. Simples, I can't find a way that leaves a nice clean finish with those oblong holes.... but I will :) (any advice greatly appreciated)

Just waiting now for the last few pieces to dry and we shall be done :) 



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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Well.... there it was, done.

Last couple of pieces to go on were the handlebars and mirrors and that was that. 

I actually don't like building white models because if you handle them too much they all come out grubby.... and guess what colour the next one is :) 

Anyhoo, here we are, done..



If you are interested in Tamiya bikes, do yourself a flavour and get this book...

Not only does it build the Phazer in detail, it is loaded with brilliant tips and tricks for building all Tamiya (and other's obviously) bikes and is a good read...


Okay, thanks for watching, onwards to the next one 


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Lets get this road on the show again....

#4 - Suzuki RG 250 w Full Options 

This little gem of a bike taught me a few valuable lessons waaaay back in the mists of time, mainly, masking and spray cans do not a happy marriage make :) 


It quite an un-assuming kit of a little 2 stroke rocket, but in actual fact this is one of Tamiya's best bike kits, packed with detail.

Okay so the usual Sprue Shots






First things first, all the sprues will be base coated, and the chrome will be stripped. (note the swing arm should be polished aluminium not shiny). 

So you may have noticed that the bike is White and red with a red seat...again. Not having any of that, again, so we will be doing it....


As I said earlier, this kit taught me that you cant properly mask and paint with spray cans, which was a pity because I liked the blue and white scheme and ended up painting it overall silver :( (there are actually an overall Gold and Gloss Blue versions with Walter Wolf decals that look vary noice :)) 

So what is stopping me now?,  well I just cant get spraying gloss colours down pat.... I'm getting better at it, so I need to pull out all the stops for this one and actually get it done properly :) 

See ya lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer...




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Afternoon All :) 

Made a goodly start on the RG :) 

When it comes to gloss paint, it and I seem to have an ongoing fight. My usual idea with any bodywork or bodies is to use rattlecans. I don't care if people think i'm some sort of cave man using them, I like them and know how to get a nice finish from them...

So, with much joy and happiness (sarcasm) I had to Airbrush the Blue on this bike :( Its a 3 to 1 mix of Royal Blue X3 and Gloss Black X1, and forward thinking, I made a batch in case I need some later on...


Bodywork done, decals added and not too shabby... (the blue does look a lot darker in the photos)


Fairing also done... (inside still need painting black)


But then.... 



I've have heard that folks have had an issue with TS 13 Clear spray.... and now so do I apparently :( 

I know the reason why tho, I think I gave it too much of a squirt of clear. Too much will eat into the paint....

Anyway, repaint in order..

More later :) 

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Very nice work on the Yamywhatsit - (I don't know what it's called - I'm a hethen).

I've had a few issues with rattle can varnish coats before (Humbrol - I'm not posh enough to have sponsorship deal with Tamiya) but it's generally been my own fault - not shook it enough; too cold; too close or too much. After five years I'm slightly less of an arse now.

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Oh brrrrp ūüėĀ

Just easier, tamiya paints and stuff are the most readily available. MiG and AK too, but AK boycott and all that, and we have a local dealer for Zero paints, but they are 5 times the price of your tamiya pots. ( tamiya R44, Zero R198) 

But i buy tamiya kits cos i like them :harhar:

So weh 

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Morning Everyone :) 

Life got in the way of getting stuff done again, so its a long catch up. 

The problems with the clear have been sorted I hope, but it meant a repaint on certain bits of the fairing. Hopefully its all sorted now.

Okay then, 

Lawnmower Engine :) 

Strangely the entire engine is painted black, including all the fittings, bolts etc... 

The Pipes look way to big, (okay so they are actually) but this is a small engine


So after a couple of days of faffing and fiddling, I got the frame and engine together, and added the swing arm and wheel.

I also did a light wash on the frame and swing arm, just to bring out the detail a bit. 



Thankfully this kit doesn't have shiny exhausts... 

So I painted them Semi Gloss Black and then using a graphite pencil I just rubbed lightly over the weld seams on the exhaust 


and finally the exhausts are fitted...


That's it for now :) 


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