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Morning Everyone :) 

And how is everyone on this fine Wednesday? :) 

Little more work done on the Honda. 

Got the frame wrapped around the engine with no fuss, a fairly straight forward fit actually. Some of these earlier bikes can be a little... entertaining trying to get the engine to stay in the frame but this one just popped right in there. 


Swing Arm was also finished off. The only niggle I have with this is that the chrome runner is red underneath, so you need to repaint any of the chrome bits. The wheels weren't that much of a problem and none of it will be seen, but the exhaust frames, forks and the other bits will need to be repainted... 


One thing I always struggle with on these bikes is getting the back wheels straight. They always seem to be a bit lopsided when you fit them, but after a bit of fettling you manage to get them straight, but any ideas on that, answers on a postcard please... 

Right then....

Eventually, everything came together...


A few touch ups were needed here and there and the frame can go and have a rest for a bit while I paint the exhausts, exhaust frames and forks. 

About this time in the original build, I packed away the bike, climbed on a big silver bird and flew across to the UK for a holiday... Those were still the days where there was an abundance of model shops everywhere and I spent most of my holiday jeeting around visiting them and buying lots of stuff. The next two bike builds were purchased in the UK, (IIRC from Beatties) and I had this wild idea that, hey, if I bought a couple at a time, I would have a one or two in reserve all the time and not need build one, buy one..... I thought if I had maybe 2 or 3 in the cupboard....(yeah, didn't that go south quickly :)) 

I suppose with all of us, it was a good idea at the time, but nowadays I have probably a 100 kits in the stash and nothing to build :) 

Anyhoo, stuff to see, people to do, oh wait.... :) 

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Wow thanks Paul that's quite a compliment, thank you :) 

There will be a slight lull in this motorcycling madness as we are going on holiday on Friday to Norway and I seem to have lost interest in doing anything, My fallback tactic has always been 1/72nd scale vehicles, so I'm busy faffing with a couple of things :) 

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Well if you've been paying attention, you'd have realised that I haven't posted anything on this thread since November last year, and my last words on that thread were I'm going for a swim, then nada.... sooo thanks for all your messages of concern, worried about me being eaten by crocodiles or hippos or something :) 

I actually forgot about the thread, yeah I know, silly old fart....

But here we are again :) 

Lets whizz forward a bit,,,

Frame, engine and swing arm and wheel all put together... 


Its at about this time that you have to start thinking of the body colour. The VT came out in Silver, White and Black, and Black is the one for me. All three versions came out with the same colour frame and seat, namely red. 

So, Bodywork was built up and sanded down, undercoated in Tamiya Fine White, and then a couple of days later, Tamiya Gloss Black from a rattlecan and a couple of days after that, the first clear coat. After all that, you can finally start putting the decals on. The decals for the black ones are quite swish black, red and white ones.... 


Now the sharper ones among you will notice one rather obvious thing with the above pic,,,, its not black :) 

After all that faffing to get a nice shiny black finish, the decals for the black one just shrivelled up when they were laid down and microsol put on them, (decals from 1982, I mean really, what the hell, nearly 40 years old and they don't work perfectly, rolling eyes) 

So everything was stripped back again, undercoated and then this time the colour laid down was Pure White. I did a test on the chin spoiler decals and they seemed to be okay, so I went for it and thankfully they all turned out 100's. I left the front mudguard black because I didn't want to pull the forks apart. 

So that's that, No 2 finished.... Promise I'll keep the thread more up to date from now on :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Okay then, Lets get this road on the show again 

#3 - Yamaha FZ 250 Phazer 

(prepare yourself, there will be whizzing) 

Back in those spotty face yufe days of Mad Steve(in training), I wanted to build the 250's that Tamiya produced. Don't ask why, probably hormones, but seemed like a good idea at the time, and this bike is actually quite a special one. I love the way it looks, its design etc and if I remember rightly it was the first bike I built using Tamiya Rattlecans throughout, oh what a happy little yobo I was :) I was so proud of how it eventually came out, it sat in my cabinet for about 10 years :) 

So here's it is... 





This really is one of the best kits Tamiya has done. Best thing of all, the bodywork only has two small joints that you have to sort out(there is no joint along the fuel tank), and, although you have to sandwich the engine into the frame, you don't have to worry about the frame joints as they are all hidden :)

I know its very boring, but I'm going to build the box top version. There's a blue version (blue bits instead of red bits), but its a bit naff, and an all black version, but I went down that road with the last one, and I'm not feeling it again for this one. 

Right... lets get building then :)  


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17 hours ago, beowulf said:

do like that VT....its one bike kit ive never bought, cos theres always something bigger or fancier to be had at the time lol

Don't worry,you weren't missing much.................................

And that was the real bike(dunno about the kit)


I know the main thing that killed off a lot of Honda's entire VT range,they ran water from the engine cooling through the frame.

Naturally,water and mild steel don't actually mix too well,the frames rotted through.......................

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59 minutes ago, Miggers said:



I know the main thing that killed off a lot of Honda's entire VT range,they ran water from the engine cooling through the frame.

Naturally,water and mild steel don't actually mix too well,the frames rotted through.......................

Funny that hey ūüėĀ

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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Isn't it exciting being locked inside your house with your wife and daughter, nuff said about that :) 

Anyhoo, some progress on the Phazer. The frame cleaned up and sprayed Gloss.... oh bugger it, no Gloss Aluminium :(. In its place I used AK Extreme Metal Polished Aluminium. A bit brighter than the Tamiya colour, but nice all the same, just make sure you put a gloss coat over it because it doesn't like being handled a lot. 

Oh hell, I forgot about the engine :) 

Usual story with the engine, clean it all up, assemble and spray it semi gloss black, Acrylic this time, and then covered with Semi Gloss Clear. The silver bits are Chrome Silver but just need a touch up with all the handling


The circular bits on the engine are a real pain to do, but a little perseverance and they eventually come out right. 

Getting the engine in the frame is a three handed affair. There are only three connection point for the engine to the frame, which means whenever you touch the engine when you are trying to fit it into the frame, it falls out :) A couple of elastic bands though and this becomes a simple operation. It would have been far simpler just to have four mounting points on the frame and wallah, not issues... 

The swing arm is almost finished as well...


Also finished in AK Polished Aluminium. The rear wheel was finished in Semi gloss black and the edge in Chrome Silver. I run a paint brush around the edge of the wheel using the side of the brush, which gives you nice neat lines and you can go back afterwards and fill in the bits in between. That was then all covered in Semi Gloss Clear. 

This time years and years ago when I built this the first time, I was sitting getting goofed on rattle can fumes and Liquid Poly... no wonder I cant remember that much from back then :) 

Okay, loads of stuff on the painting rack, so more coming up soon :) 


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Afternoon Everyone :) 

Right then, keeping hands and brain busy during smoke quitting time :) 

Swing arm has been fitted, as well as the exhausts and radiator... 

Small change on the engine though, the little silver rings on the side covers have been irritating the crap out of me so I painted over them, life's too short for that crap :) 



( The matchbox, btw, took me ages to make and get just right :) ) 

Ok, so while I was spending the afternoon trying not to strangle the dog, I began thinking about final finish....

This is the original idea...


This is the blue version.... (beginning to tug at the attention too....)


But because its Thursday, my brain is now looking at the black version and liking what it see's... 

(here is a pic of someone else's bike to give you an idea) 


I'm leaning towards the black bike... but lets see what happens, end of this it might end up pink :) 

Okay then, I've got to go and write a grump, so see ya later :) 

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Oh my god... Streethawk!!! :) 

I've had a look through the cubby and the old builds on my laptop, and I've only ever built one other black bike, and that was the Yamaha Akai YZR 500. 

So I am actually thinking of doing it black :) 

Tune in next week when steve paints his bike any other colour than the intended Black :) 

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