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Proper OOB -Zvezda 1/72 Mil Mi-8MT Hip

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A proper OOB this time - not even resin wheels I promise :D

At the Scottish National Scale Model Show at Perth, I was gifted a nice Mil Mi-8MT by Stew who helps us with Colourcoats tinning on his time off. This is based on the much earlier and cruder KP kit, but is mostly fairly nice and looks like a Hip in the main. I'm not an expert on Russian choppers and I deliberately didn't go looking for reasons not to build/finish this. As such, the only obvious (to me) thing amiss with it was the shape of the windscreen which inherited KP's flaw of following a horizontal line around the front of the aircraft. On the real thing the upper edge of the glazings goes somewhat up-and-over. I reprofiled the kit glazing by scraping and sanding the top edge of the windscreen away and reinstating it using tape as a guide and Mr Surfacer to build it a new top edge. There was around 2mm of extra height to play with on the kit glazing so I've done the best I could without hugely adding to the complexity of the build and stalling.

Otherwise it's just built up as it comes, and I must say I enjoyed it greatly so thank you once again Stew.

It's painted in Colourcoats ACSM13 light stone and ACSM14 grey green on top with ACSM05 blue-grey underneath. I've never really researched these colours if I'm honest, but the notes from WEM days says they're Mil helicopter paints. The IPMS Stockholm's colourguide is flawed in many ways - sometimes badly - but they compared well here to the ACSMs. Anyway, I enjoyed it.















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I'm only seeing the links to the photos but they open ok.

Knowing what you started with that's a lovely job.

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Looks like the clunky agricultural type most Soviet helos are. You've done well to build that one and finish it in a rather worn look. 

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