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RAF Serials

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This has never occurred to me before, but now it has, I'd be rather interested to know, if anyone can come up with an answer:  why do RAF serials not use the letter "Y"?  Take a look: http://www.ukserials.com/

There's no Yxxxx series; no VYxxx; no WYxxx; no ZYzzz.  It lists some in the "XYxxx" range, and shows them as changed to "XZxxx".  My copy of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/British-Military-Aircraft-Serials-1878-1987/dp/090459761X   shows those in the "XYxxx" range as "allocated in error" and changed.   It appears that the military aircraft register is deliberately avoiding the letter "Y".

Does anyone happen to know why? (Sorry, a genuine question, but pun intended!)

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'Y' was not used to avoid confusion with 'V'

'C' wasn't used either. An example: Liberator VI BZ999 was the last in that series of serials. The next one should have been CA100 but that range wasn't used. The follow on serial from the Liberator was Mosquito II DD600. What happened to DA100?

DA100 - DD599 were allocated for direct purchase aircraft but cancelled when lend-lease appeared.

Source: British Military Aircraft Serials 1911 -1979 by Bruce Robertson.

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