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KK138,No 1 PTS

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I do have a bit of a thing for a Dak,Dakota,C-47,Gooney bird,call them whatever you know them by,probably because during my yoof

in the 60's/70's there were still a lot of 'em about working for a living in and out of Manchester/Burnaston and Liverpool,so I'd see

plenty rumbling about their daily business over Cheshire.

When the new Airfix Dak came out I Just had to have one,so Mrs M bought me the original "Kilroy"boxing at Cosford airshow

a few years back.

I didn't want OOB,I wanted an RAF "ParaDak" and dropped on a picture of KK138/S operated by No.1 PTS  out of  the then RAF Ringway which of course is now Manchester International(about 20 miles from me by chance).

They flew Daks from 1944 and took them onto Upper Heyford when they moved there by March'46.

The photo is said to be dated around January/February 1946,so fitted right in.

KK138 wasn't any particular Dak,just one of the thousands churned out during the war,it seems that she stayed with No.1 PTS from new and throughout her service life with the RAF.

A C-47B-15-DK,her C/N 15275,USAAF Bu No. 43-49459,she then became KK138 when taken on RAF charge and onto the PTS,

coded "S",but by early 1946 she was looking a bit grubby,oily and faded,much more so than I've depicted her.

Not sure whether she was actually a "Lend-Lease"aircraft or when she was demobbed from the RAF,but it seems that around 1953

she went to the Yugoslavian Airforce  under MAAP.

All their Dak's were retired in around 1975-6,some are still in the former Yugoslavia,some derelict on airfields,some in museums,

KK138 was rumored to have been one of the Daks used on filming "A Bridge Too Far" in 75-76(released in 1977),

but whether that is a fact or merely a rumour I can't establish.

So where is KK138/43-49459 today?,well I wish I knew,she seems to have vanished into obscurity,scrap,hidden away or whatever.

Even the Yugoslav "Dak detectives"have no info on her whereabouts,merely that she was in the Yugoslav Airforce at one stage.

Anyway,my take on her is as she was with the PTS at Ringway.The GSE is for a bit of added interest rather than just show an O.D

painted RAF Dak.

Late war RAF vehicles could well have been painted in OD when in for a major service and yellow painted uppers were becoming very common on "airside" ones,hence the yellow bits.

The GSE is all from the lovely "Bomber re-supply set"apart from the old Matador.

The masking tape on the door and tailplane root is just that.RAF Dak's had the static line attachment on the floor rather than in the roof as per USAAF C-47's and had a metal door handle guard fitted plus the bottom corner of the cargo doo,the door hinges and the tailplane root fairing taped up

so the lines didn't snag the airframe when the jump master pulled them back in after the jumpers had exited the aircraft.

No aftermarket was used,the exhaust's are kit ones drilled out,decals came from mine and Col's(under wing serials and code letter,cheers mate) spares.

I also weathered the port prop and gave her a new one on the starb'd, and did my customary kick the tail wheel around trick just for a bit of difference too.

We'll assume that her "driver"is left handed(not like me)so prefers a right to left turn.


The modeller's licence scenario is that she's had a busy morning flogging 'twixt Ringway and Tatton Park D.Z,she need's a squirt of juice and has had a slight oil leak on the starb'd engine due to an oil cooler feed pipe not fully tight,meanwhile,the parachute section has turned up to collect the used static lines and the tanker is also awaiting it's turn.

The aircrew have nipped off to the mess for a bit of lunch while the groundies sort her out and it seems that the tractor driver and the Matador crew have snuck off for a crafty smoke before "Chiefy" turns up to she if she's ready for the afternoon sorties.

Anyway,enough of this waffle,I know the pics aren't great,but,here she is............




"Make sure that oil tank cap is tight"






"Where's my mate gone in that bloody 15 cwt truck?"






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I keep spotting my gramatical errors
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35 minutes ago, Grunhertz said:

Hang on I had to check then, wait wait yep migs has built something, what's more it looks bloody nice well done sir 

Cheers Darren.

xD,yes,it's only taken about three years.

The Wessex and Sea 'Arrier have gone a bit cold at the mo,I've got the 1/48th Spit itch to scratch,so look out 

in about 11 years time when I'm knocking on my 70th's door for a finish date..............................

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19 hours ago, skwonk said:

Nice little dio. Looks like the Dak has bulged wheels as well. Have they been on a duty free landaway?

Cheers D.

They're the kit rims and tyres.

A lot of the "new" Airfix stuff now has flats and bulges on the tyres mate.

Even the little hook on door ladder that is always seen on a Dak/C-47 was in the box.

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Posted (edited)

After more searching,this has turned up to confirm the fate of old KK138/43-49459/71202

71202 C-47B-15DK Yugoslav Air Force r/r jul71 ? opb 111. ppa at Zagreb (evidence for apr75); wfu and used as a restaurant at NiÜ (Serbia) in the early 1980s; later sat on a dump at NiÜ; scrapped at Zadar AB nov95 .

So,as I read it,retired from flying in 1971,she apparently was used as a restaurant at NiU(?)in the early 80's,later sat on a dump at NiU

before being scrapped at Zadar in November 1995.

A sad end for the old girl I think.

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31 minutes ago, Spadegrip said:

Good story and a good build Cuz, I remember you buying that.

It's a cracking kit yoof,builds up really nicely and looks every inch a Dak.

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14 hours ago, Spadegrip said:

Good story and a good build Cuz, I remember you buying that.

Very nice build and back story. I used to see Daks at Aberdeen airport on a regular basis.

I take it from the comment above that you actually buying a kit is a memorable event? lol

Duncan B

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