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RAF Daguerre

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This is going to take some explaining

This is something ive sort of been planning in my head for quite some time….i want to get back into building aircraft, specifically RAF stuff, and ive been thinking about how to photograph them once built and ive come up with this little long term project….my own little RAF station

This will probably take me around a year to do, its going to be something to do in between GBs or other bigger projects, ive been acquiring bits and bobs for quite a while and I think its time to start

Plan is to make a photo base that aircraft can be placed on, where I have a selection of vehicles that I can swop about

I must point out this is NOT really a diorama…..its a photobase……im using a base made by Coastal Kits especially for the Airfix Control Tower, which I might have a go at ‘improving’ the interior…been in the one at Elvington which was interesting……ive been trying to create a back drop…..been downloading ones meant for the model railway set ups and modifying them…..we shall see if it works sometime down the line lol

Why RAF Daguerre?.........well, Louis Daguerre  was a 19th century French artist who is credited with coming up with the word ‘diorama’ ……he also was an early photographer, inventing the Deguerrotype process…..so it seemed kind of suitable


The AEC Matador will get the howitzer discarded obviously, the hasegawa kit has all sorts of useful stuff like oil drums and sand bags

















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Very interesting project, but there may be a problem….

I did a similar thing (although in 1/48) in order to photograph any RAF builds – and then didn't build another RAF aircraft.

Then I built a Luftwaffe dio to use for photography purposes, because I'm always building Luft stuff – then didn't build another Luftwaffe aircraft.

It's a jinx I tell you! :sad:

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27 minutes ago, Miggers said:

What period are you depicting?,the Bedford tanker is post war fit,so is the fire engine. 

lol, its near enough for me, like i said, its not a dio, just a photobase. 99.9% of people wouldnt know that they are slightly out of time...i didnt lol

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27 minutes ago, beowulf said:

lol, its near enough for me, like i said, its not a dio, just a photobase. 99.9% of people wouldnt know that they are slightly out of time...i didnt lol

They're easy modded

,just leave the booms off the Bedford then paint it in "Mickey Mouse"and put a flat deck on the fire engine with a CO2 bottle load and paint in "Mickey Mouse "

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The anarchic character of this site is well reflected in the equally individualistic nature of it's members. I'm pretty sure there are modellers on here build their models the way they want to, without waffling or worrying about the n'th degree of accuracy, or fitting every bit of nano brass they can whilst disregarding all the latest hippest finishing techniques. Aren't modellers brilliant.

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On 16/09/2019 at 21:45, Toolmaker said:


I’m more builder than historian, I don’t know much about accuracy but from what I can see your Matador certainly looks good to go 👍🏼



The Matador is good to go.  If you want a post war fit,scratch up a similar boom mount and pipework  fit to the Bedford and do it in RAF  blue grey with the yellow uppers.


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state of play

gun and tractor painted and cleared ready for decals and a wash

tower has the walls up.....ive put a floor in, thought it would look a bit hollow without one......ive no idea what colour it should be but its not really going to be seen once the roofs on



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im not planning on making a 'finished' thread for everything i do.....just going to get dumped in this thread


the Bofors and tractor is done.......gave it a light wash and a matt coat, added some glass to the windscreen



the tower is slowly coming together

i decided to go for a black over green camo

been doing a lot of lurking around t'internet and its all very confusing in a funny way

i cant find any genuine colour wartime pics.......lots of pics taken 40 odd years after thats not a lot of use, lots of pics of preserved buildings, which again is not a lot of good..........official documentation from the time says use green, brown or black...................it seems some buildings were definatly all green.......or bare brick.......black over green was definatly Cold War use

theres some interesting discussions on forums out there....not just modelling ones but on airfield preservation sites and local history sites

one guy went on about how brown and green camo is all a myth, never happened, and its all down to the Battle of Britain movie.......they painted the building in error and its sort of become standard

another guy said that brown had been used on every single camoflaged building during WW2, and he had the proof in all the black and white pics he had collected.....lol lol

anyway.....its green and black

decided to have a little fun which will never be seen once the roof goes on

ive added a wall on the first floor......one side will become a sort of briefing room......the other side will be Ruperts office....going to have a go at making a few bits of furniture

next step is adding some glass to the windows.........i use clear laminating sheets thats been put through the machine with noting inside



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