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Ian Campbell

Revell F86D

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IMHO one of the nicest kits ever manufactured,finished as the CO's aircraft from the 4th FIS operating from Misawa air base in Japan during 1954.

Finished with various mixes of Xtracolor HSS and varnished with a mix of Rowneys gloss and matt varnish.

Decals from Cutting Edge.

This must be one of the only US operated fighters to my knowledge never to visit Prestwick although a couple of Danish ones did, its pretty rare in he US as well, of all the museums I've visited I've only seen 5 or 6

If anyone has one of the "late version"kit of this model for sale would they please contact me.


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That one is the 'late version'. The tell is the squared-off parachute fairing below the base of the fin. The Early version, which as far as I can tell was only ever offered in the 'Monogram Pro-Modeler' box, had a curved fairing below the fin.

Here's a piccie:


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11 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

'late version'.

Yes it is,I am looking for another two or three to use up my surplus decals.

Revell released the early version in Europe,entirely the wrong decision as the late one was more prolific.

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