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Slapping Trumpeters 1/72 Tu-16 Together.

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While waiting for parts of my B=58 build to dry I decided to start another kit that has been following me like a faithful dog for over 20 years now, Trumpeter's 1/72 Tupolev Tu-16.


This one is progressing well as well. Cockpit together and painting is easy as most of it is Matt Black, except the seat cushions which are red/brown as the colour guide calls out..


Wings went together without to many problems..


And the engine nacelles..


That's it so far. Have put the gunners area in the cockpit (at the tail) and taped the fuselage halves together and the seem to go together fine, Not much filler needed at all.


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Badgers, We don' need no steenking Badgers! (Nor mushrooms either).

I was going to make a snarky comment about the cockpit not being that dreadful Russian blue-green, but Google wasn't able to produce any verifiable colour images of TU-16s' inside bits.

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The next installment of this build..

Everything on bar the wings and clear bits..


No visible means of support, except some masking tape..


Two large missiles, one for under each wing..


Speaking of wings they are now attached and the gaps at the root are very very small..


Masking the clear parts on this one are going to be fun!!


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10 hours ago, warreni said:

It is rather large for a twin engine bomber.  :)

It's got to be to get all that boilerplate and big rivets off the ground you know. 

Good work Warren.

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