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Airfix 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 410A-1/U2 & U4 (A04066)

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Hi all,

I am gonna build one of these with the massive gun...pew pew :analintruder:

Box art:



Sprues, instructions and decals:



I have purchased a set of aftermarket decals for these builds:



These are the two aircraft I am going to do, I will be starting with the Russian one first:




More later once I have made a start :thumbsup:

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Hi all,

We have some progress :happy0161:


Cockpit built up, various bits:



Cockpit bits all painted, there is no need to go crazy, as not a great deal will be seen:



Fuselage and wings in place:





Thanks for looking in, more tomorrow :piliot:

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Thanks for all the interest 👍


Sorry there is no update today, had other things to deal with. One of our little moggies wasn't well over the weekend. I took her to the vets this morning and she had an infected uterous, cue the operation to remove said item. Needless to say I was on edge all day,  We finally got her back around 1800hrs tonight 🙂

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Thanks guys :thumbup: she is on the mend now but is being quite needy, and wanting to be with us.


Hi all,

Not a great deal done in the last couple of days. But the build phase is nearly done, the canopy is only placed on for the pictures.




More tomorrow, thanks for looking in :piliot:

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Hi all,

Not a significant amount of work done, but some is better than none :1386383080_cool(1): The silly canopy was assembled and then masked before being attached to the fuselage. Then some primer was sprayed highlighting some issues to be sorted before painting starts.





More soon :thumbsup:

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Cheers Gorby :thumbsup:

On 24/11/2023 at 16:49, Gorby said:

how effective those side gun barbetts would be.

No idea TBH, but I am guessing not very :piliot:


Hi all,

I black based the aircraft and did some of the marbling nonsense that I am quite fond of, I also sprayed the engine panels aluminium:





Then the first camouflage colour on, RLM 74 Grey Green. Once this is dry I will mask the splinter camouflage:




Thanks for looking in :thumbsup:

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Hi all,

Its finished :1386383080_cool(1): More pictures can be seen in the gallery:


As a note I fluffed up a tad, I stupidly followed Airfix's paint guide whilst masking the canopy. The large front window should not be painted, moral of the story, do your own research :yes:



Anyhoo, here is a picture.



Thanks for following the build :piliot:

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16 minutes ago, mac1677 said:

The large front window should not be painted, moral of the story, do your own research

Other moral of the story. Create your own backstory. Soviets found that muzzle flash of monster gun was blinding pilot, so they covered offending window with paint. Another glorious triumph of Soviet workers!

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