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Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads

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OK, whats the point in waiting to finish one properly, before starting on another?
While I work on finishing the Gundam, I saw this on a feed. it leapt into my basket, and so, here it is, Aoshimas BTTF2 Flying DeLorean (SciFi enough?). The kit is what I'd expect from them, nice clean sprue, no horrid seams.



A few ghosted passes with Halfords finest black primer (after a catch up with the local paper) the primer looks awful going on, but levels itself nicely, and better than their greyI9QeeEq.jpg


and finally after some rest, a beer, and some TV, I started the main coat. I started with some gentle passes of Alclads Polished Aluminium, The original car was brushed Stainless Steel and I'll look at the final coat to be AKs Stainless Steel. Just thinking how to get the brushed look.eSxOjqR.jpg


That was the end of last night.


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Well, tonight was a foul up from the beginning. Got home only to find my door keys were still at work😂 2 hours later, i sat on the sofa. Happy bunny, Not. 

However, 2 new kits have graced me with their presence, so an upside to tonights travails

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2 hours ago, Grunhertz said:

Nice choice jase 

Thanks Darren, hope to get some more done tomorrow now, another coat and a start on the interior,( he says that now) 

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