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Sova-M models Gulfstream G-550 'Shavit'

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The Gulfstream G-550 'Shavit' (Comet) is an Israeli ELINT/SIGINT version of the Gulfstream V-SP.

It entered Israeli service with the 'Nachson' Squadron in 2008. As far as I know there are three in service,numbers 676, 679 (kit decal) and 684.


The model consists of 550 parts on 14 runners,13 in a softish grey plastic and 1 clear.

The box is a fair bit bigger than the kit inside which resulted in a couple of minor broken pieces and scratches on the grey parts as they are all in 1 bag and had room to rattle around.

The clear parts are in a separate bag so were ok.

The plastic has that soft almost greasy feel and is of the short run production type. 



The instructions cover 16 sections and are quite clear to read and understand.


The decal sheet is for aircraft '679' and is  detailed enough for the colour scheme provided. with the blue fuselage and fin stripe being in decal form.

Aircraft '676' is now just overall white and I don't know if the others have gone the same way.



Looking at the kit on the runners I noticed a couple of wee bits of flash on the cockpit parts.and a prominent 'L' shaped sink mark on the upper wing surface,directly above the moulded in wheel bay. Some of the panel lines have debris sticking up but nothing that a quick rub with your sanding stick of choice won't sort. A couple of flow marks will polish out.

A quick run through the panel lines (there's not many) with your scriber will sort that part and a small amount of filler finishes the job on the sink marks.

Overall I'm impressed given the short run nature of the kit.

I haven't measured it to compare the real thing,suffice to say it looks the part.

Detail in the cockpit is basic with a decal for the main instrument panel. No decals for the side panels or centre console.

The cockpit transparency is quite thick but is surprisingly clear so at least seat belts should be added.

There is no cabin interior detail but given that there are only 4 small windows,that isn't a problem.

The PE fret gives some mission specific panels and the static discharge wicks.

The sheet of masks is obviously a generic one as it gives them for many windows!

The kit has been designed for multiple variants, (J-Stars already released) the break down of the fuselage shows this and this is where I can see a possible issue.

The fuselage is in 7 parts. 2  front fuselage, 2 centre, 1 centre undersides and wing root and 2 tail.

The instructions would have you build the main fuselage so that there are 3 main parts to join and then the underside is fitted.

I think I will build it so each side of the fuselage is built so that I end up with 2 halves. This will help with alignment I think. It is 37 cms long so I'll think about that though.

The joins will need strengthening as they are only butt joints.

At £52.20 plus postage it is quite an expensive kit but is the only one available in this scale as far as I know.

Another hit to my stash reduction plan but I just can't resist those 'spooky' aircraft.


If you open the images in a new tab you can enlarge them to see more detail.


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I notice that there are several more window transparencies than just 4 on the clear sprue. Dare we hope that the centre fuselage has the locations for the rest scribed inside? (My penchant for these military kits is to dress them in civvy clothes if there's the remotest chance it can be done).

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10 hours ago, Jessie_C said:

Dare we hope that the centre fuselage has the locations for the rest scribed inside?

They are. Enlarge the photo and you'll see them.

A better route for you would be the A-Model series of Gulfstreams though.


Its basically the same kit as there is a tie in between the companies.

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