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Durotrige Chieftan

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I've decided this bust is a Durotrige. An intriguing tribe as it was more of a collection of peoples throughout their territory. Anyway, that's the history taster and it's a nod to Dorset where I lived throughout the 1990's. You can do your own reading about Iron Age Dorset so please; :Threaddrift: unless it's pertinent to the build. Thank ye.

Primer done yesterday.Had to do a second covering as the first dried to a high gloss. You may notice the edge of the knife handle has broken off. This happened when removing the casting block. To small to repair so put it down to damage in a skirmish with Belgae cattle rustlers.



Base colour done and waiting for it to dry. The eyes are a bit irregular as the stbd one has a bit of a flattish profile whereas the port one has a bit of a sunken inner area. I'll see how this goes but I have a backup plan.


Erm, yeah. This could be interesting for the fur tones,


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10 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

Thats a nice looking Figure Darbs...


And a little brutal as well.

Done a bit of wash and highlight work but not overdoing it just yet. Remember I mentioned the eyes and how they were formed? Well, putting the base eye colour (white mixed with a dot of diluted blue) shows what I mean.


Boxart shows a sideways glance so this may well cover the eyeball shortcomings if i can pull it off without resulting in a Henry Hoover look. See the head befind. Doesn't he look like he's asleep under a fur cover.


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There's no getting away from the defects in the eyes unless reshaping is carried out so this is the best I can do under the circumstances. Three sets of pupil decals later..


A heavyish base of grey for starters on the hairy bits



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