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Colour for "Katy"?

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I'm currently working on the Airfix 1/35 Austin K2/Y ambulance, with the intention of replicating "Katy" from Ice Cold in Alex. One of the finishing options in the kit is fairly obviously intended

to represent "Katy". The Humbrol paint reference given for the overall colour is 74 Matt Linen, but that seems to me to be far too yellow and creamy to be Light Stone, which I would assume

to be the correct colour. If the colour Katy was, is unknown then I'll settle for the colour Katy ought to have been. Has anyone any idea of firstly, what the right colour is, and secondly, a good

model paint match for that, preferably in an acrylic. I've promised myself I'm not buying any more enamels, just using up what I've got, and switching to acrylic as I replenish my paints. I might

add that the only model paint available to me locally (I mean on foot or local bus) is Humbrol enamel or Vallejo Acrylic. Anything else is at least a couple of hours away, or mail order.

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15 hours ago, RWG686 said:

and here was me thought I was being funny too.

Found this photo which show it to be quite a light colour.


Sorry, I missed a "smile" emoji off my post! I'm gonna have to build 3 of the things now! I fancy the multi-coloured "British Army, North Africa, 1940" option as well.

And I need to find a kit  (from a mainstream manufacturer- I don't do limited-run or resin or white metal!) with a CMP front-drive transfer box, driveshaft and axle. Anyone got any suggestions?

My knowledge of softskin military venicle kits is miniscule!

Thanks for that photo, Richard, I hadn't seen that. I think Light Stone is the right colour, and a search found a post on "the other place" from a modeller who said he'd used Humbrol 74 Matt Linen over

a Humbrol 27 Matt Sea Grey basecoat, and it didn't look bad at all. It may be worth trying that approach, and let the basecoat tone down the Linen colour,

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