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Airfix Landrover in 1/43rd scale, (yes the new one)

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I've got three models on the go at the same time, this landrover, a tank transporter in 1/72 scale and a 35th scale M47 over on the under new management GB, It's all go innit.


this will look smart as a carrot when it's done I bet.


little bit of light reading on the type


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checking out the kit, the body sides have lots of sprue end pieces to be removed, prefer that than the risk of short shotting or other moulding faults.


comparison to the Corgi Landrover needs a bit of bluetac to temporarily hold the sides to the floor.


held up against the side of the old Corgi, the size is amazingly similar.


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This kit is a shed load of fun to build, it's just falling together.


I'm leaving the bonnet loose for painting as the headlight clear parts fit from inside.


I'm also leaving the roof as a loose fit so I can paint the cab interior.


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Cheers Guys, thanks for the comments and encouragement. I'm slowly working this into a beat up local garage recovery truck, need to make the jib soon.


at the moment it is looking a bit like a free Cornflakes packet toy, but bear with me, I'll real it up slowly bit by bit.


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