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Evening Everyone :analintruder:

This is quite a Marmite bike. You either like it or you don't. Not like it's going to win any beauty contests. :1562769345_laugh(1):

If you're a diehard Kawasaki fan, or fan of this bike, then go ahead and buy one (but they are quite pricey, 85quid).

This isn't an easy kit to build, and the chrome black finish is a bugger (buy the zero paints set) and 120+ decals might put some people off, the smaller Tamiya one might suit you better. 

But then there's numpties like me that just love building bikes, and my opinion is it's a lovely challenging build and I started on this as some as I got it. 

This is my 3rd H2R now, (2 Tamiya ones) and I've wanted to build a white version for a while now. I've seen a build from a guy in Hong Kong that I thought was white, but turned out it was quite an involved paint process. 

Colours on my bike are Tamiya LP Pearl White with gloss clear applied by Airbrush, the green is XF Light Green and I used it as a nod to the older Ninja's and the rest is the usual motorbikey colours. 

The Carbon Fiber decals need some help, and I used the extra strong Mark Fit and a Sponge to press the decals down

OK then, Pictures....







Thanks for following and all your comments, always appreciated :thumbsup:

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