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Does anyone else set themselves a modelling goal for the day?

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In the morning I often tell myself that I'd like to get the model to a certain stage or complete a task or even just post the next saga in the build process on the site….even though I rarely achieve it. I know modelling should be about just enjoying the process, which I do, it's just that I can't get out of the mindset of challenging myself to get stuff done. It isn't just modelling I do it with.

This morning I confidently predicted that I'd get the inside of the Scammell cab primed and painted and posted the next update….whereas I've been farting around adding extra 'interest' to the engine. I don't even know if I'm having the engine on show yet! :|

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Ooooh good question.

When I'm building a bike, just for instance, I normally go about 10 steps ahead in the instructions, so I have a load of stuff already painted, and when I have breakfast I plan like, I'd like to get the engine together, the auspuffs on, etc. Mostly, its a complete failure and I sat at my desk staring at stuff,looking in boxes, wondering what that...oooooh shiny :no: Sometimes I even understand the GSP* because there's just too much distraction.

I mostly get about an hour a day, maybe, if I'm not too busy. 

The thing that really stuff things up is Can't be Arsed days. You pull a sicky / can't be arsed day (back ache, gets you out of everything, need to sit down :1562769345_laugh(1)::yes:) Everyone's out of the house the whole day, nothing to do, plonk yourself at your desk, in your underpants, eating beans out the tin, and for 5 hours you achieve absolutely nothing.... :analintruder:

Plan... Yes definately :no:




* Gorby Stash Principles

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I live on my own and work from home. It's a red letter day if it involves pants. 

Often I'll look at my current build, hum and har for a bit then start something new. I don't really plan anything (and it shows :cry: )


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16 hours ago, Mad Steve said:

plonk yourself at your desk, in your underpants, eating beans

Living the dream. :ermm:


16 hours ago, skwonk said:

Current bout of ongoing sciatica aside,

You have my sympathy, sciatica can be very nasty.


I've only ever experienced very mild annoyance at not reaching my modelling goal for the day – if I'm enjoying the process I'm not concerned in the least. The real life goal is of more importance to me and I managed to do what I'd planned for the weekend so I was well pleased.

Today I'm definitely going to get that engine completed....maybe. :blush:

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Since we emigrated, my wife has kept her desire to watch Coronation Street which is on nightly over here, this means 30 minutes of dirge. I take advantage of that and make the effort for at least 30 mins, but I normally free up an hour or so before hand so try to sneak in 90 minutes a night!

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