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HASEGAWA 1/12th 1980 YAMAHA RZ250

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Evenin Alllllllll :analintruder:

Not only do Hasegawa make wildly overpriced hairyplane kits, but they make wildly overpriced motorbike kits as well :1562769345_laugh(1):

The RZ250 and 350 were in Tamiya's original line up back in the 80's and they were cracking little kits. Hasegawa have now released both as well and they are something else. Hasegawa really are upping their motorbike game


Those of a certain age will know, not much could touch these little kamikaze two stroke 250's and 350's from a standing start. I've seen one take out a Kawasaki GPZ 900 Ninja quite embarrassingly. I just used to politely look the other way if one pulled up next to me...(unless I was on my RZ 500, then it was ON!! :1562769345_laugh(1):)

The usual blah blah and building will follow, feel free to comment, hell maybe buy yourself a bike kit and build one. (yeah,I know :no:, but with this weather, hell might just effing freeze over) :analintruder:

Right then....


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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

The last few days have been spent painting and assembling. Watching paint dry basically

One of the things I like to do right at the beginning is get the bodywork out of the way. I really don't like the two-part tanks, but this also has a two part mudguard and two part rear cowling, Typical Hasegawa... 

Not only do you have the center joint to sort out, but there's a fillet to add for the fuel cap... :shrug: (The fuel tank for the 250 and 350 are slightly different)


Once all the bits were cleaned up, they were sprayed Gloss White and given a coat of Clear.

Onto the actual bikey bits. 

Hasegawa do make some lovely little kits, but do they have to make them so damn fiddly and finnicky. (Like Trumpeter, 6 parts instead of just 1 or 2)

The Instructions will have you build the frame, then sandwich the engine in-between. Don't bother, save yourself the hassle. Glue the front of the frame together and add the Airbox to the frame. You can then slide the engine into the frame and it will fit in just nicely.:yes:



Bit tinier than the last one I built hey... :D

In the same watching paint dry episode, the rear swingarm was finished as well, with all the associated bits and were also fitted.

The wheels were painted LP 5 Semi Gloss Black and the Silver was hand painted.



Compared to the old Tamiya kit, this is like a super-kit, way more detail, and the actual molded detail is waaaay better. But be careful, its finicky and fragile.

More later then... :yes:

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Afternoon Everyone :analintruder:

Gorby asked the other day about planning for your modelling... well I now have a Sticky Note saying Take Pictures!!!

Okeydokey, last time round we had the engine in the frame and the back wheel on...

Exhausts and side frames fitted, as well as the Radiator. The Hasegawa kit goes the whole hog with the piping and cabling, but their poly piping is too shiny so I swapped it for the duller Tamiya piping.


The two fluid bottles i'm just leaving white, as they are covered up by the side cover. 


Okay so I forgot to take photos putting the front forks together, but here they are fitted. 

The forks and the two side frames were both painted LP Gloss Aluminium. 

Be very careful, the forks are very thin and fragile. 


The Hasegawa kits are very detailed, but not all of it. The disc brake is just a flat piece of plastic, with no grooves in it, which can be easily fixed tho. 

Now here's a first for me...

Most, if not all bikes, have some lettering or instructions on the hand controls; Indicators, on off, etc. This is the first time I have ever seen them in decal form. You don't even see them in the 6th or 9th scale bikes... :no:

Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally tiny :1562769345_laugh(1):


Not actually very much to do now as all the bodywork is already finished.

More soon...



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