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Airfix 1/35 Daimler Ferret Mk.II

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This is a small vehicle so it comes in a suitably small box. That is the only real disaapointment :D 

First off the instructions. Airifx break everything down into TINY steps to make life as easy as possible. That means construction is split over 98 (yes, NINETY EIGHT!!!) steps over 12 pages. They offer lots of options, including options to go off piste and model a vehicle from your own references rather than theirs, e.g.


See the note in the bottom left about the instructions showing the standard fit, but real life not necessarily being so? Lovely detail that. It continues in similar vein with things like the exhaust tail pipe:


Standard fishpipe, or later fit if that's what your subject used. The final step shows all the hatches open, another option if you want it.


The last three pages show the three colour schemes offered, with decal pointers and colour call outs (Humbrol only, the joy of having your own paint range)

The three schemes are 1. Berlin 1961, 2. BATUS 1980s and the third is an all white UN vehicle on peacekeeping duties in Cyprus.


The only thing that showed up on close inspection of the decals is the diagonal red stripes for the Union Jack in the first screen are missing. They're not shown in the box art either so maybe the flag was simplified rather than being misprinted. Does anyone know better than me?

On to the sprues. They come in a single bag, with the transparencies being in another bag in the big one. Not a deal breaker, I remember when kist just came loose in the box.


Sprue A has the main hull. 



Sprue B has hatches and internals. Note the two different radio fits to go with the two sets of antennae mentioned in the instructions


Sprue C is wheels and suspension. I would have preferred seperate hubs and tyres rather than vertically split wheels as it makes for less seams and easier painting, but it's not the end of the world.


Sprue D has everything else for the hull. Another nice touch is the inclusion of capped and uncapped smoke launchers. They didn't have to do that but it's nice to have. There are two sets of side lights and sponsons too, early and late



Last sprue, E, has the turret. The only bit in the kit I might (and only might) look at replacing is the Browning MG. See what it looks like under paint - I know I look better that way ;) 


So there you have it. I'm impressed, it looks and feels like a great kit that has had a lot of care and attention lavished on it. Can't wait to get started. How long does the Best of British GB have left to run? :D 




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That looks s good as I hoped it would, thanks for the peek in the box, Andy :thumbup:.  I'll be doing a BATUS one, to go with the (as yet still boxed) Tamiya Chiefy I got with that scheme in mind.  I'll also be doing a green Ferret (good name for a pub :cheers:), but I'll see what options become viable first.  Thanks again!

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