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My latest mad ideas!

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I enjoy projects like those already detailed here. Anything that tweaks the noses of the rivet counters and, J M Ns(Joyless Modelling Nazis/Numpties) gets my vote. On my workbench now ;

1) FW-300 Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer). Long range bomber with intercontinental range. I'm using the Airfix B-29 as the basis here. Aircraft will still be a tail dragger with twin tails instead of the single fin. I'm retaining the remotely controlled defensive armament. 6 x 20,, cannon in gun turrets and, two more in the tail. I've got several of the Italeri WWII Weapon Sets so, I've got some lovely big bombs to stuff inside it. I fully intend to do a fair bit of scratch built internal detail, especially the bomb bays . The B-29 origins will be very obvious but, given that form often follows function and, that the Germans had some very competent designers/engineers, I figure that any aircraft designed to a similar set of specs to the B-29 would appear broadly similar.

2) Avro Manchester. As no manufacturer seems willing to give us one, preferring instead to churn out endless Spitfires etc ad nauseum, I'm going to do my own! I'll be using the Revell 1/72 Lancaster with a pair of R R Griffons  (inboard pair) salvaged from an old FROG Shackleton. They're actually not a bad fit. Also, as I recall, development of the R R Griffon was suspended while Rolls Royce prioritised the Vulture engine? Yes, I'm keeping the contra props because they look really cool!:22_yikes:;):1562769345_laugh(1):. My way of thinking is that four engined snobbery at Bomber Command would see an otherwise good aeroplane sidelined and, "relegated" to Coastal Command or, operations in the Middle East/Meditteranean theatre. I think it would look good in RAF Desert finish but, I'm still considering a Coastal Command version with a pair of forward firing 20mm cannons in place of the nose turret.

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