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Chatting with @Jag Mate got me rummaging about to find the Hasegawa Jaguar which had the decal failure.

Found the kit but forgot to photograph it.

I was convinced that I had a thread on it to but I'm damned if I can find it so if you do..just ignore it.

I will be cutting the nose off and doing it as a 54 Squadron aircraft not long after they re-formed. At that stage they did not have the LRMTS nose.

It looked like this.


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16 minutes ago, Jag Mate said:

an RAF single seater without the laser nose.

Not sure when they started fitting them on the production line.

Certainly in early 1974 the deliveries to Lossiemouth didn't have them.

Here's a couple of the OCU ones as well.




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This is the stage I got to before the decal failure. It had the outer wing pylons only as it was to be a display aircraft.

Our very own @Jag Mate certainly displayed with these pylons only  but don't know if it was his idea.

Nose laser cut off and pylons removed. Filler applied since photos.



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The ides of the outer wing pylons was that of my predecessor.  I took a jet so fitted on an air test in smooth air to check.

At high incidence the Jaguar would display a high oscillatory rate of Dutch roll known in the trade as 'wing rock'.  This phenomenon occurs when lateral stability is greater than directional.  Because it had a relatively small fin the jet started to run out of directional stability at high incidence.  Wing rock was a way the jet was telling you that it was beginning to be unhappy.

The small outer wing weapons pylons were slightly behind the centre of gravity and so gave a very small increase in directional stability.  If I remember the drag index of a pylon was eight and this was a small price to pay.

The Jaguar at high incidence could be a nasty piece of kit.  A rapid increase in incidence when pulling hard quickly would lead to a departure from controlled flight very rapidly indeed.

This has sadly caused several fatalities over the years because the aeroplane was usually at low level.

A now retired aeroplane which was lovely to fly and could be relied upon to deliver the goods but which commanded respect.

So now you all know. 

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17 hours ago, Jag Mate said:

I have never seen an RAF single seater without the laser nose.

The original Airfix Jag was a GR1 without LRMTS



Miko (I have one for when I build the Jaguar prototype)


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Are you using the Hasegawa Jaguar A nose as a basis? (Cos that’s what I’m planning sometime in the future when I do the same).

Trouble is, I really like Jaguars, they made a big impression on 9 year old me, low level in Scotland when they were the new thing. I have a habit of leaving my favourite bits of meals until last, likewise with kits of favourite aircraft, I want to always have them to look forward to building! 

Still, I have quite a few to build and I can be always save one last one I suppose!

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14 minutes ago, Huntsman’s Close said:

Are you using the Hasegawa Jaguar A nose as a basis?

L39 nose from scrap box and filler using some kind soul's measurements and a plan I found on line printed off.

A bit of sanding should do it.


15 minutes ago, Huntsman’s Close said:

low level in Scotland when they were the new thing

Probably that hooligan @Jag Mate:D


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Got the nose done and the first coat of light aircraft grey underneath.

Unfortunately it is still 24 degrees up in the workshop so the paint dried too quickly and I made the mistake of brushing over.

Down to the bathroom sink and all washed off.

I'll remask and try enamel paint tomorrow.



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I've decided that I should have really binned this and gone for a new kit.

(That I will do and as I found decals for one with a gold star on the intake I might even do one of @Jag Mate's former mounts)

I discovered why I hadn't finished it the first time..this is its third life...The undercarriage doors had gone missing.

I started on the decals tonight after doing a bit of detail painting.

Guess who forgot to varnish them before sticking them in water?

I should have remembered how old they were.

They broke up and are out of sync so I'll need to go over the white bits with paint later.

I was unable to save the checkerboard for the starboard side and have nothing like it in the spares.

Here's where she is tonight




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